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Decor to the Door Blog

Learn more about Decor to the Door with Sherylee


"I get overwhelmed walking the craft stores trying to piece together items to decorate but this is amazing.  I opened my box and set it up.  So easy, no hassle, and it is adorable.  Thank you so much Decor to the Door for making my life easy and dining room cute. "

Michelle Hemsley

"My heart skipped a beat as I opened the front door and saw a Decor to the Door box.  As I opened the box I found a fun surprise, a bonus gift that had been tucked inside.  Every piece found its home on my entry table and the design possibilities were endless. The  very best part of all of this was it arrived At My Door.  I didn't have to go from store to store to gather everything.  It took less than 30 minutes to order and then set up.  With time being a precious commodity this service is amazing.  Thank you to Sherylee at Decor to the Door

Shelley Winters

With young kids in my home going to the home decor stores and finding pieces that go well together is the last thing on my mind.  Which is really unfortunate because I do love how it looks!  Decor to the Door took care of putting the pieces together for me and took out the inconvenience of having to go to an actual store.  It was so nice to have it delivered right to my door. I am really impressed with the product and can not wait to see future boxes!

Brinn Kartchner