10 Tips to Style Your Home for Winter

It is time to take down the Christmas decor now what?  Here are 10 tips to style your home for winter.

Tip One Enjoy the Fresh Start

Sometimes a clean slate is nice.  I am not one of those people that goes all out for Christmas but I do put out plenty of decor.  I love it and I'm always a little sad when it is time to take it down.

But starting with a clean slate is nice.  Putting away all the extra decor can feel a little lighter.

fresh start

Tip Two Some Christmas Decor Works for Winter

I don't think everything is transferable from Christmas to Winter but you can definitely keep some.  I like to use white for my winter decorating.  If I have something white I think about incorporating it into my winter decor.  

If you have small flocked trees in pots or flocked picks. You can even use snowflakes or birch log rounds.  

When I am putting my Christmas Decor away I do keep out a few key pieces that are white and would look really pretty for Winter.  I will use white picks from my Christmas tree to fill in pots and trays.  

winter decor

Tip Three You Do Not Need a Lot

You will not need as much decor for the winter as we use for the holidays.  It is feels a lot lighter to only use a few pieces.  It's nice to have open space after the Fall and Christmas decor is put away.  

You will love having a clean, ready for the new year home.  

Tip Four Decide What Spaces to Decorate

I could put winter decor in a lot of places in my home.  The entryway table, island, mantel or bedrooms but I want to keep it a little simpler so I only decorate in one or two places.

winter decor

For my home I like to change my entry table to everyday decor, lighter and fresher.  Adding winter greens in the pot is an easy and inexpensive way to add winter decor.

Tip Five More Holidays are Coming

Before Spring arrives there are a few more holidays coming that you can decorate for like Valentines and St. Patricks.  For my home I like to just add a few pieces to my winter or everyday decor.  

If you like to full on decorate for Valentines you can definitely do that.  For my home I like to add a few pops of pink or red with neutral hearts for Valentines.  St. Patricks is a fun holiday.  A cute pot of gold and shamrocks is all you will need to make it feel festive.  This post has some great Valentines decor ideas.  Check it out Here.  

Tip Six Have a focal point

If you are only doing a small amount of decorating instead of putting six or seven decor pieces around your home make a vignette.

winter decor

I love doing seasonal trays whether it is a large tray or a tiered tray they are one of the easiest ways to add decor to your home without investing a lot of money and having to purchase a ton of decor.  You can check out my shop Decor to the Door for unique and seasonal decor.  

Tip Seven Less is More

In my home I am a firm believer that less is more.  We do not need to have every square inch of our home decorated.  I function better when I have some open spaces.  If you are an instagram person there are so many beautiful pictures of beautifully decorated homes.  That is not practical for me and the way my mind works.

Also remember if you invest in quality pieces instead of lots of 'junk' you will have more calm and peace.

Tip Eight Shop Your Home

If you keep out some of your Christmas decorations and shop your home you may not need to make many purchases.  It is always fun to find a few new things but it's not necessary to buy bags and bags of decor for the winter months.

I am always surprised by what I can find in my home.  Whether it's something I have displayed somewhere else or a piece in storage.  Reusing pieces you have saves money and is very creative and fun.  

Tip Nine Use Nature

Winter decor is a great time to use nature in the design.  Pine boughs, twigs or pine cones look really pretty for Winter Decorating.  You can keep it green and natural or use flocked for a winter white.

Tip Ten Winter White

Using winter white as your color pallet will work every time.  When you're going through your Christmas decor keep out whatever is winter white.  It will work every time.  

winter white decor

Decor to the Door

If in doubt head over to Decor to the Door and check out the beautiful seasonal decor.  You will love the unique and beautiful decor pieces that will be mailed directly to your door.  Taking the guess work out fo putting it all together.  You will love having something pretty and unique delivered to your door.