Apothecary Jars and Seasonal Decor

I have found the cutest and easiest way to add seasonal decor to your home.  These adorable farmhouse apothecary jars are perfect for your seasonal decorating.  Because they come with seasonal wooden shapes it will make your holiday decorating a snap.  

The apothecary jars look amazing on their own.  Let me give you some ideas for the holidays and everyday decorating. 

Farmhouse Apothecary Jars

These adorable apothecary jars are perfect for your farmhouse home.  They are so pretty on their own but can be used in so many ways.  They are a decor piece I fell in love with the minute I saw them.  The size and style are perfect for your farmhouse decor.  

The apothecary jars come in a set of three.  They are a great size and look so cute together.  The large one is 10", the medium is 8" and the small one is 6 1/2" tall.  The apothecary jars are so beautiful and look so cute as a set but are pretty enough on their own.  They can be displayed together filled with seasonal decor or your everyday products.  But they are cute on their own.  Use them in three different areas of your home.  

Everyday Decorating Made Easy

There are so many ways to use the apothecary jars for your everyday decorating.  You could use the smaller one in your kitchen filled with salt, making it easy to add a quick pinch of salt when cooking.

Can you picture them by your bathtub filled with essentials like bath salts for a relaxing evening?  Perfect for your at home self care needs.

Bath salts come in many different colors.  There are so many beautiful bath salts available.  I am loving these beautiful petal infused salts.  Check them out Here.  

Even salts that are specialize in a foot soak.  Not only are they pretty but practical.  Grab the foot soak Here.   You could get so creative and really enjoy the versatility of these beautiful apothecary jars.  

Fall Decorating Made Easy

The apothecary jars are so pretty for every day decor as well as your holiday decorating.  When you purchase them from my shop you will also get adorable shapes that make them easy for your holiday decorating.  

The owl and fall leaves are perfect for your fall decor.  They can be filled and styled on your island, mantel or entryway table. 

Adding the wood shapes that are included plus seasonal treats make it all so unique and fun.  Grab your Apothecary Jars Here.

Halloween Apothecary Jars

Changing the shapes isn't hard, you can go from Fall to Halloween and back to Fall for Thanksgiving in just a couple of minutes.  The Bats and Ghosts are black and white making it ideal for your island tray, mantel or entryway table.  

Are you someone who loves candy corn?  My husband loves candy corn.  I don't hate it but it isn't something I'm drawn too.  He prefers the original candy corn but I love the colors of these harvest candy corn.  They look much better displayed in my home than the original candy corn.  You can get the harvest candy corn here

Christmas Apothecary Jars 

Do you start decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving?  I definitely do?  I love to have my Christmas decor up as long as possible.  So starting before Thanksgiving is a must for me.  

These apothecary jars are the best.  You can change them from Thanksgiving to Christmas in a matter of minutes.

These snowflakes and winter shapes are so cute and look amazing together.  You can put them all in the larger jar and fill the other two with Christmas candy. 

Imagine the jars filled with red and white peppermint candy or little candy canes.  You can grab some Christmas candy here and here.  I also found these adorable holiday suckers that would look so cute in the apothecary jars.  Grab yours here. A final Christmas candy idea, what about seasonal Hershey Kisses.  I know right, so cute.  Get them here.  There is nothing easier.  Grab your apothecary jars Here and have the best time adding holiday cheer to your home.  

Apothecary Jars You Will Love

These adorable apothecary jars are the best and easiest way to add seasonal decor to your home.  The options are endless with these adorable apothecary jars.  The wooden seasonal shapes are an added bonus.  

Be sure to get your beautiful, unique and so fun apothecary jars Here.  You will love how versatile they are and all the unique ways you can enjoy them in your home.  That is my favorite type of decor.  Pieces that can be enjoyed all year long and look amazing no matter how they are used.  

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