Baseboard Style Crown Moulding and Shiplap on the Ceiling.

Baseboard style crown moulding and shiplap on the ceiling. What, is that even a thing. It sure is and it looks amazing. We had a small back hallway that I wanted to make and create something unique and pretty. After adding shiplap to the wall which you can check out HERE I was ready to add the final piece. More shiplap on the ceiling and some gorgeous baseboard inspired crown moulding.

Not all hallways are created equal. If your hallway is long and skinny or more square I still think you can add crown moulding to those spaces. You may need to adjust what you do depending on the shape of the space but it is a fun and unique way to add some character.

Shiplap the Ceiling

Is adding shiplap to the ceiling a crazy idea? For some people yes but for me no way. It is a great way to add texture and charm to the space and make it truly unique.

It’s not terribly difficult but does require a little cutting, measuring and probably some liquid nails because there wont be enough trusses to nail too.

Because the space we were working in was quite small it didn’t require much product to make this happen.

We headed to Home Depot and purchased the shiplap we need. Thankfully it was a small space because they were running really low. But we were able to get what we needed and headed home.

Such a familiar place

You can find the shiplap in a variety of lengths we just got what worked best for our space and wouldn’t require seams. You can find the primed mdf shiplap HERE.

Baseboard Style Crown Moulding

I also wanted to add a baseboard style crown moulding to the ceiling so we grabbed the supplies for that part of the project too. The small space we were working in has a tray ceiling so we wanted to do smaller baseboard inspired crown on the top tray and a little larger on the bottom portion. This made the most sense because there wasn’t a lot of space on the top tray.

Pulling out the moulding needed to create the baseboard style crown

I had measured what we would need and picked up the necessary boards on our trip. We used trim wood 2 1/2″, 3 1/2 ” and 5 1/2″. The top part was the 2 1/2″ and 3 1’2″ while the bottom portion was the 3 1/2″ and 5 1/2″.

The baseboard style crown moulding is quick and easy to install and gives the space a modern look which I love. It also fits the style of our home and coordinates with the existing 5″ baseboards.

Here are the boards we picked up at Home Depot.

Prep Work Needed Before Starting the Project

There wasn’t a ton of prep needed but I did want to paint the wood once before we installed it. The shiplap lip would be really hard to paint if you don’t paint it before it’s installed. I also wanted to get the sides of the trim painted so it wouldn’t require a coat of paint along the edges after installation.

Giving everything a coat of paint.

I do give the face of everything a final coat of paint after it’s all installed but doing a coat before makes it quick and easy.

Shiplap Installation

I knew what direction I wanted the shiplap to run. As you can see we had a couple obstacles to work around. The ceiling light and a huge return air vent. Luckily the vent had a nice looking cover but we needed to take it down and also slide the beauty ring on the light down so it was out of the way.

Excited to elevate this space

Assessing what we’re going to do

This space had a can light which we took down and added this beautiful chandelier. Because the opening for the can light was larger then the cover for this chandelier we used a white beauty ring to cover the opening. We can now remove the beauty ring because we’ll run the shiplap tight enough we wont need it.

We only had one truss to nail too luckily it was running the opposite direction of the shiplap so we were able to nail securely in one place. That’s where the liquid nails comes in to play. Liquid nails works amazing, it is super cheap and really helps on projects like this.

Shiplap ceiling a pretty quick project.

We were rocking and rolling for the first few boards but the ones around the light and vent required a little more figuring.

The Tricky Part

Because we had the ring on the light it didn’t need to be an exact fit we just needed to cut the hole small enough so it was covered.

It looks like the cutting around the electrical is only going to involve one board. That was lucky.

Not super pretty but done.

Thankfully Monte is a rock star and can make it all happen. Sometimes doing these projects can be a little tricky if you’ve got lights and other things you’re working around.

Now to cut around the vent. That will be super quick and easy.

Baseboard Style Crown Moulding Installation

Because we were using unique crown it does require a couple trips around the room. And since we had a tray ceiling it was going to require 4 trips around but the space is small and there were no seams in the middle of the wall.

It doesn’t take that long just a little more cutting, measuring and nailing and moving the ladder.

We started with the top portion. Going around the wall first then around the ceiling portion. The baseboard we took around the wall was 3 1/2″. We didn’t 45 the corners on the wall, we’ve done both and it really doesn’t look different so for easy we just butt them together.

This is a small tight space but it’s really making a big difference.

After the trim was added around the wall we ran it around the ceiling using the 2 1/2″ trim. We did have to cut around the ceiling vent but it wasn’t too tricky. You will also notice we cut the corners at 45 so they look custom and finish the baseboard style crown moulding perfectly.

Finished the top baseboard style crown moulding

The Second Portion of the Baseboard Style Crown Moulding

We’re getting close to being done. We just repeated the same process that we did in the top portion of the tray. Using a little larger baseboard trim. We started with the wall portion using 5 1/2″ trim.

Trimming the wall portion of the crown moulding

After we worked our way around the wall we then added the final pieces to the ceiling. Using the 3 1/2″ baseboards.

We are getting close to being done.

There was nothing to nail too so we used liquid nails. To secure it while the liquid nails set we do nail it with the air nailers but shooting them in on an angle.

Liquid Nails for security

The Final Steps to Finish the Baseboard Style Crown Moulding and Shiplap on the Ceiling

Need to caulk all the edges

After the boards are all hung it’s time to caulk the edges and nail holes. This was a little more time consuming then you would think. Not because it’s a huge area but because there were a lot of edges to caulk and nail holes to fill.

Caulking so I can get painting

Because I had painted everything once before we started the installation it was super quick to give it all a quick coat of paint after the caulk was done.

Beautifully finished space

I love the shiplap walls and ceiling. The baseboard style crown moulding looks so good in this space.

I knew I would love it because we had installed shiplap on our entry ceiling. You can check it out HERE.

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