Bedroom Decorating Ideas – How to design your Master Bedroom

I’m excited to share my bedroom decorating ideas and how to design your master bedroom. Deciding on your design style and how you want the space to look is a great place to start. There are so many beautiful trends and options it can be overwhelming. I love things about a lot of design styles. If I was asked to describe my style I’d have to say traditional with a farmhouse, rustic, vintage, industrial and modern flare. Otherwise know as eclectic.

I also like a minimalist approach and to have a beautiful space that is clutter free but also holds special meaning for me.

There are many ways you can make your space personal and also be your style. Adding different styles to your space can get confusing if you throw in a lot of everything. By keeping the main style strong and adding touches of other styles you can end up with a soft relaxing space. I don’t have every style in every space in my home. Some spaces are more rustic and farmhouse while others are more modern and traditional. There are rules out there but I don’t really worry about them and just try to create a space I will love.

Decor Decor Decor

I love beautiful decor and having meaningful items in my space but it can take a lot of time and money tracking everything down. Keeping things clean and fresh feels better to me then cluttered and over decorated. Going into a beautiful home with a lot of decor is really pretty but I feel better when there is a little less in my space. Don’t get me wrong I have plenty of stuff but I do visit Goodwill often donating may unnecessary items.

Adding Personal Items

Family photos are so special and very important to me. I like to see my children every morning when I wake up. Seeing their beautiful families is a great way to start my day. Hanging these large pictures in the space brings a boring wall to life and also makes me happy.

Family photos are very important to me

I live a long ways away from my parents and siblings so I don’t get to see them often. Having their photos on my dresser brightens my day. Finding fun beautiful frames not only makes the picture look amazing but also adds to the space.

Displaying beautiful family photos is important to my master bedroom design.

I am so full of gratitude for what I’ve been blessed with. This gorgeous sign layered with a beautiful frame makes my dresser feel like something special.

Family photos and a beautiful sign layered to display my feelings is a perfect addition to my space.

A Beautiful Piece to Add those Personal Touches

Another item I really wanted to display was my parents and grandparents wedding photos. They are so pretty and vintage I just love seeing them. Putting them into a ornate frame makes the photo look so pretty. Seeing this pictures is a great reminder of how blessed I am to come from such beautiful heritage. I also have a few key pieces displayed in this gorgeous vintage door cabinet. We built this beautiful cabinet specifically for these vintage pictures. You can read all about building the cabinet here. This vintage door cabinet is the perfect addition to the master bedroom and a great space to display these special pieces.

The vintage door cabinet is the perfect place to display memorabilia.

These items wouldn’t mean anything to anyone but me and my husband. Displaying them in our bedroom is the perfect spot. We can see and enjoy them every day.

Beautiful Bedding

One of the biggest pieces to a beautiful space is beautiful bedding. Not only is the comforter so important but also the linens. I’m the worst at replacing the linens when they should be replace but working on this space really kicked me into gear and gave me the nudge that I needed. I even found new pillows, something that should have been done awhile ago.

It had been on my to do list for a really long time I just hadn’t got around to purchasing new linens.

This is our winter bedding. Even though we live in the desert it can get chilly here so warm bedding is a must. When the summer months roll around I am ready to switch to a lighter bedspread.

Beautiful bedding perfect for the winter months.

Window Treatments

Because we didn’t need blinds or curtains in our bedroom the windows had been left bare. We had framed them so they look beautiful check out the window framing here. It really finished off the windows beautifully but I was ready to add some decorative curtains to the large window.

I was able to find the perfect curtains for the space at Ikea. I wanted something subtle and elegant. Window treatments can get really pricy. I wasn’t willing to invest too much. One day I will maybe hire someone to come in and help me with window treatments but that isn’t going to happen any time soon. I found these beautiful curtains that were so inexpensive but hang so nicely and look expensive. I’m thrilled.

Love the look of these beautiful Ikea curtains

I decided to leave the patio door for now. Being able to see the sunrise every morning is something I love and didn’t want to take that away.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas

I love the look that I was able to create in this space. The lamps on the side table have been something I’ve had for years. I did change out the shade several years ago but I still love these lamps and didn’t feel the need to change them.

Beautiful lamps in a beautiful space

The final piece to decorating our master bedroom was adding a little greenery. I was wanting to find a faux olive tree that would add some greenery and make it all so much more cozy and welcoming.

I love this tree so much. It is the perfect piece to finish off the look I was creating. It was purchased from At Home. I’ll be honest it was a little more pricey then I hoped but it looks perfect in this space.

Adding a touch of greenery to the space

How you design your master bedroom can take time? Coming up with all the decorating ideas and putting them into place takes patience. But the end result is so worth the time and effort you put into creating a beautiful space.

A warm and welcoming master bedroom

Love all the personal touches.

Decor to the Door

I love decor that lasts from season to season. But I also love to add pops of seasonal decor that I change out over time. Thats where Decor to the Door comes in. If you’d like help with your seasonal decor I’ve got some fun ideas for you. Visit my site here or there’s a link in my header.