Create a Beautiful Space with Beadboard

Create a Beautiful Space with Beadboard

Here are SIX ways to create a beautiful space with beadboard paneling.  Beadboard is inexpensive and so versatile.  It can be used in so many areas of your home and in so many ways.

As you will see beadboard is something I have used often.  I love the results I get each time I use it.  There are a variety of beadboard paneling options but the one I love and use the most can be found at Home Depot.  It comes in 4' x 8' sheets so it is super versatile.  You can see what we use Here.   If you have a smaller project you can also find it in 2' x 3' sheets Here. 

One of our beadboard projects I'm going to show you was free because I used left over paneling.  

Hopefully after seeing all the pretty ways we've used beadboard paneling in our home you'll be inspired to create something special in your home too.  

Project #1  Beadboard on the ceiling

One of my favorite places we've added beadboard was to the ceiling in our half bathroom.  The space was pretty small so it didn't require a lot.  I was really wanting to update it and make it more exciting and unique.  Beadboard was the perfect solution.

Beadboard on the ceiling

I love the way it looks in this cute space.  It elevated the look of the room so much.  I now have a space I love the looks truly special.  The hardest part to this project was getting the paneling in the room and above our heads with two people and two ladders in a tight space.  It was a little tricky getting it in place but once we got it over our heads it was super easy.  

You can see the steps we took to create this cute ceiling Here.  

Project #2 Create a Beautiful Backsplash with Beadboard

Did you know you can use beadboard as a backsplash?  Yes it's wood and has the possibility of getting splattered and wet but it will work.  How many times do you have a major water spill that gets on your backsplash?  I know for me it's almost never.  Kitchens are less humid then bathrooms so that's not a problem either.  

Because it will be painted and it comes primed splatters and spills wipes off super easy.  

When we did a beadboard backsplash I was wanting something different and didn't have a lot to invest.  The beadboard paneling was the perfect solution.  It added texture and warmth and was something unique.  This is a perfect solution to a boring kitchen if you want something quick, easy and inexpensive.  

Beadboard backsplash

For more in depth details on the beadboard backsplash check it our Here.  

Projects #3, 4 & 5 Smaller Accent Spaces

We have used beadboard paneling in a few projects like this laundry room dry rack.   Adding the beadboard to the dry rack made it something special.  Not only is it functional but it is super stylish as well.  Here is a more in depth blog post about this adorable and functional dry rack.  I use this dry rack all the time and love it's look and function.  We have built two others for our daughter in laws.  

Beadboard dry rack

We also updated our built in medicine cabinet with beadboard.  By removing the standard medicine cabinet we we left with a hole in the wall that is perfect to add something custom and functional.

The built in medicine cabinet looks so cute and is the perfect addition to our guest bathroom.

This project was completely free because we were able to use left over beadboard paneling and wood.  Projects like these are my favorite.  They are inexpensive but make a huge difference to the look and function of the room.  Check out more details Here.  

Beadboard Medicine Cabinet

We had a cove in our entry to the master bedroom.  It sat empty for awhile until I decided that adding beadboard to the space would create something really special.  

After adding the beadboard the design brain juices started flowing.  I found this adorable tin ceiling tray at an antique mall.  The frame and knob are from Hobby Lobby.  

Beadboard Accent

Project #6 Beadboard Accent Wall

I think my all time favorite beadboard project is an accent wall we created in our master bedroom  It serves as a beautiful focal point and also our headboard.  

This was a little trickier to make because we alternated the direction of the beadboad but the results are worth the work it took to create.  We got the paneling cut at Home Depot because their big saw does a much nicer and quicker job then our saw.  We had quite the discussion in the Home Depot aisle trying to figure out the cut and the direction of the cut.  It was one of those men and women don't think the same times.  We come at things differently trying to get the same result.  Thankfully no one was videoing that discussion.

Beadboard accent wall

This project created something truly special and unique that I love so much.  It adds character and uniqueness to the space and really anchors our bed in the large master bedroom.  

To see how we created this stunning accent wall check it out Here.  

Creating Beautiful Spaces with Beadboard

I hope you've found something inspiring and are looking forward to creating a beautiful space with beadboard paneling.  Whether it's a small project like a medicine cabinet or something larger like an accent wall have fun creating something beautiful.

Beadboard is so versatile and unique you will be able to create something special for your home.  I'd love to see what you create, you can show me on IG @decortothedoorwithsherylee.  

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