Creating a Beautiful Bedroom with Decor and Paint

Creating a Beautiful Bedroom with Decor and Paint

Let me show you how I created a beautiful bedroom with decor and paint.  Whether you've lived in your home for many years or it hasn't been too long sometimes its fun to spruce up a space. 

I wanted to change up the look of our guest bedroom.  It had looked the same for several years and I was ready to make a few subtle changes.  It wasn't going to cost a lot just take a little time and effort.

Effort to repaint walls and refinish furniture pieces.  I needed to find a couple key decor pieces that will make the refinished bedroom something special.  What I thought I was going to get and what I got are very different but I am loving the end result.  

Creating a Bright, Welcoming and Warm Space

I didn't hate the color of the room but I was wanting to create something a little more bright, welcoming and warm.  The guest bedroom had a pretty grid wall that I loved and didn't want to change but I wanted to lighten up the other three walls.

Current design trends are leaning towards light and bright and monochromatic.  That was what I was after so I decided to paint three walls the same color as the baseboards and trim.  It was going to have the accent wall painted a different color so it wasn't a true monochromatic look but it was definitely lighter and brighter.

Starting with a Can of Paint

I was off to Home Depot for a can of Behr paint, satin finish color Dover White.  I chose Dover White because that is the color of our doors and baseboards.  This will give me the monochromatic look I am after.  

The Behr paint from Home Depot has always worked well for me.  It it easy to work with and performs well.

Steps to Prep for Paint

I have done a lot of painting....walls not pictures....a big difference.  The guest bedroom didn't have a lot of furniture or decor in it so I emptied it out except the bed frame.  Because I wasn't painting the accent wall it was fine keeping it in place. 

  • Step 1  Fill and repair any wall damage.   

If the damage is minimal you can use a small wall repair patch kit.  Here is a great one from Home Depot.   

This space has always been a guest room so it doesn't get the day to day use.  Because of that the wall damage was minimal.  I just filled a couple nail holes from hanging decor.  The spackling goes on pink and turns white when it's dry.  Depending on the size of the repair and how much you use dictates how long it takes to dry.  Nail holes dry super quick, bigger holes that require more then one coat and take a couple hours to dry.  

  • Step 2  Tape any areas where you don't want to get paint

I never tape along the ceiling.  It works better for me to free hand.  I will tape off along the baseboards but in this case I didn't need to because I was painting the walls the same color as the baseboards.  The same went for the door trims.

To protect the venetian blinds I taped around them but I wished I hadn't.  I could have done a better job just free handing.  

Preparing for paint

Preparing to paint

  • Step 3  If necessary wash the walls with TSP.  

I didn't need to wash the walls.  That is unusual but the space doesn't get used much and it really wasn't necessary.  I'm happy to skip steps if needed.  TSP is a great product to use if the walls are sticky, greasy and grimy.  If you've moved into an older house or repainting a kids bedroom that has been heavily used take the time to wash the walls with TSP.  

You're Ready to Paint Let's Get Trimming

I'll be honest I don't love the prep work.  I wish I could just skip the prep and get painting but to get the result you're after take the time to prep the walls first.

  • Step 1 Trim with a good quality paint brush.  This Stinger paint brush is the best I've used.  So worth the investment.  

I have a drop paint tarp that I have used for years.  Using plastic doesn't work for me because it sticks to my feel and makes moving the ladder harder.  I put down my paint tarp and just move it around the room over and over and over.  

  • Step 2 Start trimming from the top down. 

I will trim along the ceiling then down the corners as far as I can reach while on the ladder.  After I've reached as far as possible on the ladder I move it and stand on the drop tarp.  Then trim rest of the way down the wall and along the baseboards.  Also around any windows or door ways.

  • Step 3  Continue all the way around the room

The first time around the room takes more time then the 2nd and if necessary 3rd coat.

Time to Get Rolling

After the room is trimmed I move the ladder out of the way and get rolling.  I could not paint without my extension pole or broom handle.  Putting my roller pan on my paint tarp and just drag it around the room really works for me.  I keep my roller pan to the right of me and work towards the pan.  That way I am always painting on the tarp to catch drip and paint splatters.

  • Step 1  Use a paint pan liner fill with paint

I always use a paint pan liner.  It can be a little wasteful but I believe it takes less to throw it away then spend a lot of time washing out a paint pan.

  • Step 2 Use a good quality paint roller

Choose a roller suitable for your wall finish.  We have smooth walls so I alway buy a roller for smooth to semi smooth walls.   

  • Step 3  Get rolling

Screw on your extension handle and get rolling.  For the most professional look back roll after you paint. What I mean by that is after you roll a section take your roller and start from the top and bring your roller down the wall.  This gets you the even finish we are always after.

How Many Coats of Paint does it Take 

This guest bedroom took three coats of paint.  I was hoping it would only take two but because I was painting a lighter color over a darker color it did require three coats of paint.

Just do whatever it takes.  You'll be much happier if you do the final coat of paint if necessary.

Painted guest Bedroom

Creating a Beautiful Bedroom with Decor

Now that the room is painted I am ready to add perfect for the space decor.

To go with the monochromatic look of the space I wanted to keep the decor to the minimum.

We created some beautiful signs that are perfect for the guest bedroom to go above the bed.  You can see how we created them Here.  

We made the signs awhile ago.  I still loved them and wanted to keep them.  But I wanted to add to the space with gorgeous lamps.  I found the perfect for the space hanging lamps at World Market.  As soon as I saw them I knew they were exactly what I wanted.  They had one on display in store but were sold out everywhere.  But thankfully had them online.  See them Here.  I love them so much.  To make them work I used the electrical cord swag kit.  The final piece to making these lamps work was finding plant hangers.  I did a lot of looking and finally had to shop Amazon.  These are the ones that worked best for the hanging light.

Hanging lights from World Market

Creating a Beautiful Bedroom with Decor and Paint

I am so happy with this space.  Painting three of the four walls and adding these gorgeous lamps made such a huge difference.  I love the new look and am anxious for guests to come stay awhile.

Creating a beautiful bedroom with decor and paint

Decor to the Door

Not only do I love the lamps but the dresser is a great space to add beautiful decor.  If you are in need or gorgeous decor check out my shop at Decor to the Door.