Dare to be different accent wall and unique updates

Here is a dare to be different accent wall and unique bedroom updates. This space was a little boring and uninspiring. With a few subtle changes that didn’t take a lot of time or cost a lot of money we’ve created a beautiful warm and welcoming space.

We started with a blank slate and created something minimalistic and pretty. I guess the slate wasn’t completely blank because the walls were painted a few years ago. (Don’t tell Monte but I’m thinking of painting them this summer) I know that’s a little out of order but it is so hot in the summer that having an indoor project is not a bad idea

Lets Start with the Accent Wall

I wanted something quick, easy, inexpensive and unique for the accent wall. This is where I dared to do something a little different. Instead of shiplap or board and batten I added beautiful stained wood. Adding the wide strips of wood give the room a rustic but classy feel. I’m loving the way it turned out and it definitely ticked all the boxes I was after, quick, easy, inexpensive and unique.

Dare to be different accent wall

You can see how we created this different accent wall HERE. I am so happy with the way it looks and the texture it adds to the space. This accent wall would add pretty elegancy to a variety of spaces.

Adding a Unique Shelf

I wanted to add some decor to the space but keep it clean and fresh, a minimalistic approach. Having a ton of stuff is not something I am wanting anymore. But I do like things to look pretty. Because the room is what I call classy rustic I wanted to keep that theme. I am loving big shelves for signs and frames. After doing some looking I decided to create a handing shelf with leather straps. It took a little searching to find the leather.

I wanted the straps to be decently wide and long enough to hang quite a ways. I also wanted the shelf to be long and fit the space.

To find the leather we had to resort to Amazon which I don’t always love to do but it was the best I could come up with. I wanted the finish on the wood shelf to look elegant and rustic.

Unique shelf with beautiful decor

You can see the steps to building and staining the shelf HERE. The leather was purchased on Amazon but the wood and stain I used were from Home Depot.

Shutters and Curtains

To dress up the window and help with privacy and lighting we added plantation shutters that we got at Blinds Dot Com. I typed it out like that because that is what they call their store. It’s not just Blinds but Blinds Dot Com.

I love plantation shutters but I wanted to add a little more drama to the space with some beautiful curtains from Ikea. I’m not the best with textiles so I have to stick with what works for me and that is Ikea curtains. They’re call Rivita and they fit the budget but look amazing. The fabric is so pretty. I like them to just hang so I don’t use the ties.

Love the plantation shutters and curtains

You can see more about the shutters and curtains HERE

Refinished Night Stand

One thing I was wanting to change out was the night stand. The old one we were using was super small and didn’t really fit the space. I decided I wanted a furniture project so I went hunting at Goodwill and Deseret Industries to try and find the perfect piece.

I lucked out and found a really nice one at Deseret Industries. The size was good and it was wood so I knew it would finish beautifully. I wanted to stain the top and paint the rest. It was the perfect choice. Not only did it sand beautifully but because it’s not that large it really didn’t take a lot of time to refinish.

The refinished nightstand

The Completed Room

This space is now one of my favorite rooms in the house. The decor fits the theme perfectly and the accents we created are different and unique. I’m so excited by what we’ve created.

Gorgeous accent wall

The wall was painless to create and looks amazing. It is clean and fresh and adds the perfect amount of rustic charm.

Adding the leather strap hanging shelf with rustic signs was the perfect addition. It pares well with the windmill blades hanging over the bed. I do like the antlers in the space as well.

Love the shelf and decor

When the curtains were hung it added just the right amount of softness. They are so pretty, easy to manage and hang beautifully.

One of my favorite pieces is the refinished night stand. It turned out better then I imagined and really anchors the room, tying everything together.

Such a pretty Nightstand

I’m excited to welcome guests or grand babies to this space.

It is rewarding to see what you can create with a little time. I didn’t do everything in this room on one weekend. I started with an element and went from there. Sometimes living with a space gives you more ideas. If I had to come up with everything at once I would have failed miserably. But taking it one step at a time and coming up with new ideas as I went created a beautiful space.

Decor to the Door

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