Create a Spa like Bathroom for Yourself and Guests

Here are some tips and tricks to decorate a bathroom like a spa.  A place where you can be rejuvenated and relax.  A place that is welcoming for you and guest.  You will have a serene and relaxing atmosphere perfect for ending or starting your day.  How to create a spa like bathroom for yourself and guests.

Create a Clutter Free Space

To get the spa bathroom of your dreams start by removing clutter. Use storage solutions like hidden cabinets, baskets, or floating shelves to keep essentials out of sight. Clear countertops and surfaces promote a calm and serene environment.

Having organized spaces will keep products you need easily accessible, plus the whole space looking more pretty.  If you have builder grade medicine cabinets don't be afraid to remove them and create something more elegant and pretty.  

You can even remove them and store things in a nice, usable way. Removing the medicine cabinet creates a modern clean look to your space.  You can see how easy they are to take out here.  

   bathroom update    spa bathroom

Natural or Pretty Lighting

If you have natural light enhance it by using sheer or light-filtering window treatments.  Giving you privacy but also creating a bright and cheery space.

Two of our full bathrooms have no natural light so I created a spa like atmosphere with light painted walls and beautiful lighting.  Here are some gorgeous vanity lighting that would create the spa like bathroom you dream about.  I love the round globes on this vanity light This gold vanity light adds a beautiful elegance to your spa bathroom 

    vanity lighting   spa lighting

Beautiful lighting is an important part to creating the spa elegant bathroom you are desiring.

Choose a Calm Color Scheme

Opt for neutral and soothing colors like whites, soft grays, pastels, or earth tones. These colors promote a sense of tranquility and relaxation. 

You can also create a calm space with dark moody paint colors.  Especially if you have lots of natural light so it doesn't feel too dark and cave like. 

In the guest bathrooms I painted the walls a beautiful white that is soothing, bright and welcoming.  Because there isn't any natural light painting the walls a calm white color creates the spa feel I was after. 

After the space was painted we added wallpaper in one space and vertical shiplap in the other.  Adding depth and texture.  These details make the space serene and relaxing. 

    spa bathroom  spa bathroom

Incorporate Natural Materials 

Incorporate natural materials like wood, stone, bamboo, or even elements like pebbles to add a spa-like touch. Consider using these materials for flooring, countertops, or even as accents in wall decor.

You don't need to do a full bathroom makeover to add natural materials.  Work with what you have then add texture with decor.  When you add a tray look to different materials, then expand the elements with vases, candles or greenery.  

Plants not only add a calming effect but also improve air quality. Without having natural light I used silk and dried plants in the spa bathrooms.  Not only are the plants really pretty but beautiful pots add another natural texture to the space.  These pretty plants in the ceramic pots would be a gorgeous addition to your spa like bathroom.   

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Incorporate Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy elements like scented candles, essential oil diffusers, or bath oils help create the spa bath your want.  Choose relaxing scents like lavender, eucalyptus, or chamomile to create a calming atmosphere.

Plus beautiful soaps in pretty dispensers.  Nothing is nicer than washing your hands soap that soften your hand plus smell nice.  We've all used cheap public bathroom soaps that have a foul smell that lingers for hours.  I love having pretty soap and lotion dispenser.  Creating a spa like space that you and your guests will love.  

These pretty dispensers come in a variety of colors with different label options like lotion and hand soap.  

If you prefer farmhouse style these dispensers would also create a spa like bathroom.  

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Pretty candles and bath salts creating a relaxing atmosphere.  Not only do they smell amazing but they are pretty.  I love these pretty bath salts with rose petals.  A key element to creating a spa like bathroom is having a space that smells luxurious.  

This collection of candles are the perfect aromatherapy addition.  Bath salts, candles and a warm bath is the perfect place to relax at the end of a long day.

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Plush Towels

The final step to creating a spa like bathroom is adding plush towels.  Adding new towels is the easiest way create the spa bathroom you are after.  Not only do they look luxurious but they feel amazing.  

White towels are the perfect addition to your spa bathroom. 

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