Decorate a Christmas Tree Like a Pro

The holidays are here which means prime decorating season.  Let's get our tree's decorated, not just thrown together but let's decorate a Christmas tree like a pro.

Getting the look you want takes a little thought and planning.  You do need to start purchasing decorations early because things sell out so fast especially after Thanksgiving.  

Let me show you how to decorate your Christmas tree like a pro using wide ribbon, large and small balls and picks.  All items you can easily find and use to create a beautiful Christmas tree.  

Color and Theme

The best way to get a Christmas tree that looks like it was decorated by a professional is to start with a theme and color scheme.  There is no right or wrong here just do what you love.  I don't always change out my colors but I do get tired of it after a couple years so I am ready to make a change.

Christmas Tree

This doesn't always mean all new decor but it is incorporating new with existing pieces that will help you create the vision you are after.

Sometimes it means painting or changing up a decor piece that you love.  I have spray painted plenty of large decor balls.  Pieces that get placed deep in the tree for depth and sparkle. 

Spraying painting decorating balls is so easy.  Create a clothes line and hang them then while they are wet shake a little glitter on them for added sparkle.  It usually requires a couple coats of paint.  Plastic gloves will save your manicure.

Some of the colors I've used in the past are apple green, copper, holiday red and this year white with a hint of gold. 

Garland and Ribbon

If you have a large tree it requires a lot of decorations if you are going for a filled look.  I have bead garland that I love to add just to help fill the spaces. Here's a beautiful garland that would add a lot of sparkle to your tree.  (affiliate link)

That is where I start working my way from the top down.  Wrapping the garland around the tree.  If you are putting your tree against a wall you can always leave the back spaces more empty to save on decor.  I try to keep the spacing between the garland as it goes around the tree the same.  

Now the beautiful ribbon.  For the professional look have a variety of ribbon, preferably two or three.  I like to cut my ribbon in 2 foot sections.  This leaves them long enough to stuff into the branches.  If you don't want to cut your ribbon you can leave it in one long piece, it limits your options a little.

holiday decorating

Install your ribbon from the top of the tree down working in a zig zag pattern.  Ribbon is a beautiful way to fill up your tree and adds a lot of depth and texture.  I stuff the end of the ribbon into the tree and then zig zag it a bit so it isn't one straight line.  I start with one ribbon then the next and if I'm doing three I either place it between the two colors or start a third row.  Placing it between the two colors as a filler worked best this year.  

Christmas Decor

Here are some beautiful ribbons to decorate your Christmas tree.  I love these ones, here, here and here. (affiliate link)

Separate Your Ornaments

To make adding your ornaments easier separate them onto the floor.  This helps you see what you've got and will make the decorating so much simpler.

Holiday Decor

Because you've decided on a theme all the ornaments will coordinate but you still need to space them out so it is pleasing to the eye.

Since your tree is narrower at the top than the bottom you will want to place the largest items at the bottom and get gradually smaller at the top.  It does look nice to have a few larger pieces at the very top like a tree topper but I like to have balance so I keep the smaller pieces near the top and the bigger one at the bottom.  

There are so many ornament options.  If you need a full started kit check them out here and here.

Adding the Ornaments

I love large decorative ball ornaments.  They are inexpensive and a great way to fill up your tree.  The decorative balls are beautiful pushed inside the tree.  If you hang everything on the branches your tree will look one dimensional.  Stuffing some pieces back into the tree adds sparkle and depth.  

To begin adding the ornaments start with the larger pieces.  Work in triangles for proper spacing.  Take your time, step back and adjust as needed.  

Christmas Tree

Not only do I add ornaments by size but also by color.  This helps with spacing.  I always have to move something but it is so much easier to add one color than the next.  

Christmas Decorating

Christmas Tree

Pick, Pick and More Picks

One of the easiest ways to fill your tree and add dimension is with decorative picks.  They can be balls or greenery or even ornamental.  Having lots of picks on hand make the filling in so much easier.  Like the ornaments I add one style or color before adding the next one.

Here is a beautiful set of holiday picks.  (affiliate link)

I loved these large round ball picks that went perfectly with my theme, snowy white.  They looked like little snow balls and were a great filler.  

Christmas Decorating

After the picks are in step back and take a look to see if there are any holes that need filled.  You may not need to use everything you have.  

Tree Topper

To get a spectacular tree topper you will want to create it with picks.  Using the same ones you've decorated the tree with plus a few additional pieces.  

I grab one kind and place them around the top of the tree on an angle.  Leaving the top more open.  Then I begin filling in the top with all the additional picks.  Spreading them out so they mixed together.  

tree topper

There is nothing wrong with having a beautiful star or angel at the top of your tree but I love the look of the bursting picks.  Adding additional height and dimension. 

Christmas Tree

If you need additional ideas or tips to decorate a beautiful tree you can check them out Here.