DIY a Grid Accent Wood Wall

Let me show you how to DIY a grid accent wood wall.  This is one of the easiest but very effective accent wall.  Not only is it easy it is also inexpensive and fun to create.

Do a Little Math

To begin you need to get out a piece of paper and open the calculator on your phone.  You can't just start throwing up the grids.  You need to figure out the size of the grids you want.  The size of your wall will dictate the grids you create.

There are a lot of options, you can have large grids or super small grids it is personal preference.  For this room I wanted to have the grids a little on the smaller side.

To get a custom look you need to create grids that are the exactly the same size.

Because we have beautiful 5" baseboards we didn't need to remove them.  They will look good with the grid wall we're creating.

Measure the width and height of the wall.  Have an idea of the grid size and how many boards you are going to use.  I knew I didn't want a board running vertically down the middle of the wall which meant I wanted to have a open space in the middle of the wall.  

Picking up the Supplies

I have learned to pick up the supplies for a project a day or two before installation.  It always takes longer then I'd hoped.  When it's time to start the project I like to get going first thing in the day so if I have the supplies it makes that possible.

We were using the same sized boards horizontally and vertically.  You can get creative and change it up but for this project we used the same sized boards.

I was painting the boards the same color as the wall so I didn't need to pre-paint them which was an added treat.  

Figuring Out the Spacing

This is a little tricky to figure out but I came up with a formula that worked.  

Take the width of the wall ... Minus the number of Board being used (the total width of the wood being used) .... Divide by the spaces you want.

This will give you the spacing between each board.

Wall Width  100"

6 5" boards being used 30" total

5 openings

100 - 30 = 70 / 5 = 14" spaces

Super easy don't you think?

Framing the Wall

Start by framing the entire wall.  Remember we left our baseboard so we just needed to add the vertical pieces on the ends the horizontal piece along the roof.

We put the horizontal piece along the roof first.  We then add the vertical pieces on the end of each wall between the top and bottom pieces.  

Be sure to add the top and bottom piece before the sides.  It would look really funny if you took the sides all the way to the top but didn't on the floor.  

Installing the Vertical Boards

You are now ready to start filling in the center of your wall.  We first installed the 4 vertical boards.  Before we secured them we did double check the spacing before gluing and nailing to the wall.  

We like to use liquid nails because it can be hard to find the studs for secure nailing.  Here's the liquid nails we used.  

Now the Horizontal Pieces

Once again you will want to check your calculations and make sure you've got it correct before you install.  

I do this by cutting four boards and put them on the wall without nailing.  If you've cut them to the proper length they will stay in place while you double check the math. 

Another key piece to getting it looking good is making sure it's all level.  So don't be afraid to grab a level and check each piece.  One of my husbands favorite tools is his 4' level.  Here's a great one from Home Depot.

Working Around an Electrical Outlet

We had one electrical outlet we needed to work around.  Our hope was it wouldn't get in the way but unfortunately it did.  It's not too big of a problem.  You can see we just cut the board around the plug.  Because it wasn't going to be seen it wasn't a huge problem.

But we did try to make it look good even if it wasn't going to be hidden.

A Completed Grid Wall

This is such a fun project that delivers and amazing impact but is relatively simple.  Did you notice there isn't a head board on the bed.  Having a grid accent wall is a two for one.  You've created a beautiful accent wall plus a great accent for the bed.  

After the grids are in place it's time to get painting.  I wanted a monochromatic look to the wall so it was all painted the same color.  Which meant I also painted the baseboard that was the same color as the other trim in the room.  It made the grid wall look so much better and didn't look off having that section of baseboard a different color.

DIY a Grid Accent Wall

If you are looking for a DIY project that isn't too difficult but creates beautiful results.  A DIY grid accent wall is a great starter project.  You will end up with a beautiful, unique space in your home that looks so pretty. 

I promise it is easier then it looks and is very inexpensive with amazing results.

We have also done some board and batten walls in our home that have beautiful results.  You can check out another one of our DIY projects Here.  

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