DIY Industrial Pipe Wall Shelves

If you're looking for something unique and pretty check out this DIY industrial pipe wall shelf we created.

Creating something unique can take a little figuring and adjusting but the end result is amazing.  

Deciding What to Create

Our back entry is technically a butlers pantry but we use it more as a mud room from the garage.  A bit of a dump station when I'm hauling in groceries.  Or a place for my daughter in law to pile things out of the way when she's over.

There is a full set of cupboards from wall to wall at the base when you walk in but only one upper cupboard.  Leaving a perfect space to create something super cute.

We had a rustic accent wall that would be perfect with some industrial pipe wall shelves.

My husband and I had never built an industrial pipe shelf but figured it wouldn't be too difficult. 

Home Depot Here We Come

Because we hadn't built this kind of shelf before we headed to Home Depot to see what was available.  

Industrial Pipe Shelf

I love all the help you get at Home Depot.  Our Home Depot had the most amazing girl working in the pipe fitting area.  She was amazing help when we were looking for pieces so we could create the perfect shelves.

There are a lot of options so you can get creative.  The space I have dictates what I am able to build.  I was wanting something rustic but elegant.  A fun place to display my pretty china or seasonal decor.  Something unique and creative.  

Making Decisions

I have learned that when I am trying to create something new and trying to figure things out it is going to take some time.  Don't plan on a quick Home Depot trip.  There will be a lot of walking up and down the aisle as you look for what is available and decide how it's going to look.  

Shop Home Depot

I held up a lot of pipe lengths so I could decide on the size.  I am a visual person and need to see it.  If someone says 6" I know what that is but sometime I need to see it before I can really decide what will work for me.  I also had an idea of shelf spacing but it was dictated by what was available.  

Don't Worry if it Takes a Little Time

If you're like me and think certain things shouldn't take very long.  But trying to figure something out from scratch takes a little longer then I always think.  

There are so many options so it can be overwhelming.  Take your time, you will be able to create something amazing.

shop Home Depot

Laying out the pieces and trying to decide what I want and what will work for my vision.  Also seeing what I need and don't need.  

The Wooden Shelves

Next up was trying to find the wood for the shelves.  This should be a simpler step.  Do you want something thin or chunky, painted or stained?  I knew I wanted to have painted white wood shelves. 

The thickness was a little harder then I expected.  For some reason I expect I'll be able to walk into a place like Home Depot and magically see the perfect piece of wood.  Shining brightly and waiting for me to pick it up.

Since that's not usually the case I sometime have to adjust my plans.  Sometimes the options can feel overwhelming or you can be frustrated when you can't find what you're looking for.  

Building the Industrial Pipe Wall Shelf

After you purchase everything you need for the shelves it's time to put it all together.  Here is a list of all the supplies I purchased to build a 3 shelf industrial pipe shelf.  

Supply List

  • Wood for Shelves

                 3    3/4"  shelves 10 x 24"

                    8   1" industrial steel piping nipple

                    8    3" industrial steel piping nipple

                    2    8" industrial steel piping nipple

                   2    10" industrial steel piping nipple

Something to keep in mind is be mindful of size of your flanges, pipes and tee's.  They come in 1/2", 3/4" and 1".  You need to purchase the same size for each of your pieces.  I decided to use the 3/4" pieces to get the overall look I wanted. 

Painting the Wood

I started by painting the shelves and drilling the holes for the pipes.  It will be easier to put it all together when I have everything ready.  In my home I something stain wood and other times I paint the wood.  It all depends on my mood and what I think will look best for the space.  For this space I decided I wanted to have white shelves.

Cleaning the Pipes

Industrial pipes are pretty but really dirty.  They are greasy and will leave your hands really yucky.  That makes shopping for the pipes the least fun because as you handle them in store you will need to go wash your hands. Even the ones that are packaged feel a little greasy as you pick through the options trying to find what you want.  

You don't want to have greasy pipes on your wall where you will be displaying pretty things.  

Luckily they are so easy to clean.  Take some blue shop towels you pick up at Home Depot and Mineral Spirits.  If you wipe your pipes with the Mineral Spirits the grease will come off and make them much nicer to work with.  

Putting it ALL Together

You have the shelves painted, holes drilled and the industrial pipes clean it's now time to put it all together.

DIY Shelf

Because we were hanging our industrial pipe wall shelf on a wood wall we didn't need to look for studs or use hallow wall fasteners.  These are heavy so you want to make sure you have then secured to the wall properly.  

I centered it between the wall and cupboard then decided the height that would work best for me. Which was having my husband hold it up will I stepped back and take a look.  

DIY Shelf

How to Hang the Industrial Pipe Wall Shelf

The pipe fittings are so easy to hang.  We used black drywall screws to hang it up.  The fittings have places for the screws so it was super easy.  We hung up the top flanges and started putting it together like a puzzle.

The pipping nipple screws into the threading tee's and flanges quick and easy.  You can see we used the top portion of the Tee to rest the back portion of the shelf on.  We did not drill holes in the back of the shelf only on the front portion where the piping run vertically.  

My husband and I created a gorgeous bookcase with pipe accents that I love.  You can check it out Here and Here.  The bookcase was a bigger project then this DIY Industrial pipe wall shelf but so pretty.  

Decorate and Enjoy

Now that I have the unique and pretty industrial pipe wall shelf installed I am ready to to decorate and enjoy.  The options are endless.  I decided to make it a place that is perfect for seasonal decor.  A beautiful welcome into my home because we always come into our home through the garage door.  

DIY Shelves

DIY Shelves

Decor to the Door

Are you going to DIY a pretty industrial pipe wall shelf?  If so are you worried about unique and pretty decor.  

Well I have the answer for you.  Decor to the Door has unique and pretty home decor.  Hurry over and see what's available.