Farmhouse Laundry Room Ideas

Whether you laundry room is big or small you can create a beautiful space for doing a less than fun task.  Creating a farmhouse laundry room isn't complicated, it's timeless and makes laundry more fun.  Here are a variety of farmhouse laundry room ideas.  

Farmhouse Laundry Room Ideas

A farmhouse laundry room can be a charming and functional space in your home.  Creating a pretty space makes doing laundry more fun.  Here are a variety of ideas to create your farmhouse laundry. 

  1. Reclaimed wood accents: Incorporate reclaimed wood elements, such as shelving or a countertop, to add a rustic touch to your laundry room.

  2. Vintage-inspired lighting: Choose vintage-inspired lighting fixtures, to create a cozy and nostalgic atmosphere.

  3. Farmhouse sink: Install a farmhouse sink to add character and functionality to your laundry room. My laundry room isn't big enough for a sink but if you have the space you can create something special.

  4. Rustic décor: Incorporate rustic décor elements such as wire baskets, woven baskets, and metal signs to create a farmhouse look.

  5. Open shelving: Install open shelving to store laundry essentials such as detergent, dryer sheets, and fabric softener. This adds function and pretty style.  

  6. Barn door: Install a barn door to separate your laundry room from other areas of your home. A barn door can add a rustic charm to your space. 

  7. Beadboard walls: Consider adding beadboard to the walls to create a cottage-inspired look. T

  8. Wicker laundry hamper: Use a wicker laundry hamper to add texture and warmth to the space. This can also help to keep your laundry organized and tidy.

Remember to choose elements that fit your personal style and that will make your laundry room functional and comfortable for your needs.

Not all of these great ideas would work in our laundry room because of the size but I took what we could and created a beautiful space. 

Creating a Workable Space

Our laundry room is small.  There is only room for the washer and dryer and space to stand to load and unload the laundry.

Even though the space is small it was definitely worth making it pretty and functional.  We have cabinets over the washer and dryer that offer necessary storage for cleaning supplies and other miscellaneous items like dryer attachments.  Before we started our laundry makeover I seriously considered taking down one of the cabinets and adding open shelving.  I love the look and knew it would be amazing but decided I like the cabinets and additional storage. 

Deciding to create a farmhouse laundry room was a no brainer.  It is a beautiful style that is timeless and easy to adjust if you get tired of something.

Shiplap Walls

To begin we added shiplap to two walls, behind the washer and dryer and up the wall that you see when you walk in. 

shiplap accent walls, farmhouse laundry

It is an easy way to add texture and warmth to your home.  It looks so good and makes the space so much more inviting.  Because it is a small space I painted it the same color as the doors and trim for a monochromatic look.  It looks beautiful with the dark cabinets and decor.  

Large Wood Shelf

I decided to add a large shelf above the washer and dryer.  A beautiful place to add laundry decor and practical items.  I love the glass jar for laundry soap and a jar for dryer balls.  Then a few cute farmhouse inspired decor pieces.

The large shelf was sanded and stained then waxed for a beautiful finish .  We purchased the thick piece of wood from Home Depot.  It was a little more expensive but still looks amazing and worth the cost. The wood shelf adds some rustic charm in the farmhouse laundry room. 

laundry room

Dry Rack with a Farmhouse Flare

I love having a dry rack, it is perfect for drying those delicate articles of clothing.  We built the dry rack to fit our space plus the farmhouse style we were after.  

We added beadboard on the back for a farmhouse flare.  Check out the steps we took to create the dry rack here.  We have loved it so much we've built a couple more for our daughter in laws.

farmhouse laundry dry rack

Farmhouse Decor

I love this farmhouse laundry sign I found.  The store I purchased it from has closed but here is one that looks so cute.  It would look so cute on a rustic shelf.  

Keeping things simple and minimal is the look I was after.  Cute jars for laundry soap are always a win.  I love this jar with a black lid, it would be so cute for powdered soap or this canister for laundry pods.

Adding the wall decor finished off the space creating the look I wanted.  Soft greens and a basket for texture and warmth then a cute metal sign that is perfect for a laundry room. 

There are so many options for wall decor.  I love this metal 5 cent sign or this collage of laundry signs

    farmhouse laundry decor   farmhouse laundry

 Farmhouse Laundry Room Ideas

There are so many ways to create a beautiful farmhouse laundry room.  Hopefully you've been inspired and ready to take one or more of these ideas and create the space you are dreaming of.  

Mixing textures but keeping the colors cohesive will help you create a beautiful space that will almost make doing laundry a fun activity instead of a chore. 

farmhouse laundry room

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