Halloween Decorating for your Home

I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers. A quote from my favorite Anne or Green Gables.  I'm a huge fan of Anne and so proud to be a fellow Canadian.  But I'll be honest Anne of Green Gables is set in the Atlantic Provinces which have a much different October than I did in Alberta.  Thankfully I've had the opportunity to live in Arizona and I now get it.  I love October and Halloween decorating for my home.

I like to keep it classy, minimal and hopefully unique.  Thanks to those that go all out with all the Spooky decor but I'm not that person.  More simple and understated. 

Halloween Tray

The inexpensive and easiest way to add Halloween Decor inside your home is to create a Halloween Tray.  It can be a tiered tray or a large flat tray but it creates a great vessel for your Halloween Decorating.  

To make your tray cohesive start with a theme and color.  Great Halloween colors are black, orange and purple.  Having a base color with touches of other colors makes for a great tray.  The theme could be witches, brooms, skeletons, pumpkins, bats or skulls.  There is so many options for Halloween.  Trying to do it all in a single tray can be a little much that is why it's nice to pick a great theme and run with it.

Another easy and inexpensive way to add Halloween decor indoors is these adorable bat stickers.  You could take them up your wall or our kitchen cupboards.  Quick and easy.  Amazon affiliate link here.

Get Creative with Skeltons

The size and variety of skeltons in the stores is vast.  You can have a huge one sitting on your porch, standing in your yard or hanging in a tree.  There is so many creative and fun options with skeltons.

If you have a smaller on he can be inside on your tray, hiding in a basket or on your counter with some cute white pumpkins.

The thing about skeltons is how versatile they are.  Being able to mold them to give them life makes them a lot of fun.

There are a lot of adorable and inexpensive skeltons on Amazon.  Check out the affiliate links Here and Here.  

Add a Wreath to Your Door

If you love craft projects the Halloween wreaths you can create is endless.  If crafting isn't your thing there are so many options to purchase.  Placing a Halloween wreath on your door is one of the easiest ways to decorate.  It only takes a couple minutes and really dresses thing up.   Your wreath can be as cute as can be or a little on the spooky side.  

They even have battery powered lighting making them even more fun.

The uniqueness and simplicity of this wreath with a black cat is really fun.  It is elegant with a touch of spookiness.  Check out the Affiliate link Here.  

I love this cute but a little spookier wreath. You can grab yours Here.  (affiliate link)


Decorate Based on Your Home

My home has a courtyard that gives a perfect spot for Halloween Decorating.  If you have a front porch with pillars that gives you a perfect backdrop.  I don't love the really gory aspects of Halloween so that doesn't come into play in my decorating.  I like to have a little spooky cuteness.  Probably a little more cute than spooky.  

Incorporating my cute skeleton into the courtyard decorating makes Halloween decorating super easy and quick.

Shop Decor to the Door

The holidays are upon us which means unique holiday decor showing up at Decor to the Door.  This Halloween collection is so unique and pretty but will be perfect for your mantel, island tray or entryway table.  There is a perfect for your entryway table, island tray or mantel Halloween collection you will love.  The pieces are unique and so cute.  Saving you so much time, it comes ready to go arriving at your front door.  Get your Halloween collection here.  Quantities are limited so get yours before they're gone.  


There are also adorable apothecary jars with wooden shapes making them the perfect pieces for your Holiday decor.  The apothecary jars can be enjoyed all year long but also unique and fun pieces that will look amazing for the holidays.   Grab your apothecary jars and wooden shapes here.  

The options are endless with these adorable apothecary jars and wooden shapes.  The apothecary jars are so versatile.  They make adorable decor pieces all year long and are so easy to add to your holiday decorating.  

There are so many beautiful pieces at Decor to the Door.   Check out whats available here.