Home Office Furniture Makeover Part 2

The desk is done so we are now ready to update the hutch and cabinets.  The home office furniture makeover is really taking shape.  The hutch and cabinets are 6 separate pieces that are screwed and bolted together.  Before we took it all apart I removed the corbels, trim, iron, doors and any other pieces the gave it the traditional style.  

Check out last weeks blog post to see how we got to this point.  It has been a journey but one we've enjoy and so happy with the process.  

This is where we started.

furniture makeover

Squaring Up All the Round Pieces

Removing the iron and arches was already creating the look I was after.  Then removing the rounded molding from the drawers has taken the traditional hutch to something more modern. To replace the rounded trim we purchased some wood banding from Home Depot.  It was the perfect size so all it required was a cut with the mitre saw then nailed in place.  We used wood caulk to fill the cracks, then sand it after it dries.  It is then ready for paint. The wood filler comes in different colors.  We used white because that is what we had, which wasn't a problem because we plan to paint the furniture.  

office makeover

The top shelf was squared but the two lower shelves now match.  The pieces we removed were the exact pieces we needed for the desk.  Removing the decorative trim from the shelves and adding something more modern and minimalistic was already changing the look of the hutch.   

Preparing the Drawers

There were a few options for the drawers.  Leave them, replace them or adjust them a little.  I thought about replacing the draw faces with a shaker style drawer but decided with a little work they would look unique if we painted them.    

furniture makeover

The base drawers had paneling type additions and some screwed in plugs for decoration.  I removed the plugs and filled the paneling cracks with wood filler.  

 furniture makeover

furniture makeover

The wood filler dries hard and can be sanded and painted.  It can even be stained.  It did take a couple coats of wood filler to get the smooth finish I was after. I wanted it to look like they grooves and holes were never there.  

After the drawers are done I got busy sanding them in preparation for painting.  Because I'm painting they don't need to be sanded to the raw wood.  I wanted to get them roughed up so the paint will adhere better.  

Getting the Hutch Ready for Paint

To get the hutch ready for paint all the traditional trim was removed, the shelves were adjusted then it was ready to sand.

furniture makeover

The corbels, rod iron and arched wood pieces were removed.  The top of the hutch has a thick crown molding that I considered removing but realized it matches the baseboard on the hutch.  Because the hutch is so tall and our ceilings are 10' having the chunky crown worked well in the space.  We did remove the robe trim off the crown for a more modern esthetics. 

office furniture makeover

After the rope trim was removed we used the wood filler to fix the damage.    Removing the glued on trim damaged the wood slightly but using the wood filler corrected the problem.  

Sanding the Base and Hutch 

All six pieces are ready to be sanded.  Because I am painting them it doesn't need to be sanded to the raw wood.  Roughing up the wood so the paint adheres better.  

 I used my mouse sander and course paper to get it really roughed up.  The mouse sander is my favorite, it's light, easy to hold onto and works really well on small projects. 

Even though I was only roughing up the surface it took a few hours to sand all six pieces.

Office Furniture Makeover

The next steps are key to getting a professional finish.  First we blow all the saw dust off with the air compressor hose.  Then take a wet towel to wipe it off.  

The final key step to a beautiful finish, use a wire brush to get the sawdust out of the wood grain.  Brushing the wire brush over the entire surface then wipe it off with Scott blue shop towels.  

After all the pieces are cleaned off they are ready to paint.  

How to Prime the Furniture Pieces

It has taken a lot of work to to get the pieces to this stage, so it's exciting to be here.  I wanted to use a good quality primer so the paint will adhere really well.  

I spoke to my Home Depot paint specialist and got their advice of what to use.  There were several options, I decided on the Zinsser Bulls's Eye 1-2-3 Primer.  It was easy to apply with a brush and foam roller.  The primer felt very tack which is what we wanted.  With the sanding and priming we will have a  beautiful finish.

furniture update

office update

I let it set overnight, giving it plenty of drying time.  The next morning I took my extra fine sanding sponge to remove all the fine fibers that stood up from the primer.    A very light sanding will give you the professional finish you are wanting. 

Painting the Office Furniture

The biggest discussion we had was whether to roll or spray the paint onto the office furniture.  I have never used a sprayer but I wanted a beautiful finish so I was considering it.  Because we don't own a sprayer I needed to rent one.  The decision was made to spray but they were having issues at the rental so I took that as a sign to just do what I know. 

Furniture Update

I invested in a good quality short handle paint brush, a 4" roller and tray, then Behr paint from Home Depot.  

From the beginning of the project I knew I wanted to paint the unit black.  Using,  Benjamin Moore Graphite.  The first coat always takes longer than the second and if necessary a third.  

We painted the first coat in the evening and let it dry over night.  The next morning I gave it a light sanding, wiped it off gently and started the second coat of paint.

sanding sponge

Sanding between all the coats of paint is key to a smooth finish.  These ultra fine sanding sponges work great.  The second coat went on really nicely.  It always takes less paint and time than the first coat of paint.  This is where it things get really exciting.  

With each additional coat of paint I was getting a better idea to how it was going to look.  Thankfully I was getting the results I wanted.  A beautiful modern piece.

I then let the pieces sit for a couple days before we put it back together.  Giving the paint time to set.

furniture update

I am so excited with the end results.  Now knobs, pulls and decorating.

Knobs & Pulls for a Beautiful Finish

The final step to finishing the hutch and desk is adding beautiful knobs and pulls.  I wanted to an elegant brushed gold knob and pulls.  I couldn't find matching knobs and pulls that fit the existing holes.  Every time I ordered the same color they didn't match.  After we put the unit back together I decided not to replace the cupboard doors and just use the knobs.  

furniture makeover

A beautiful final step to finishing the home office furniture makeover. This has been one of the biggest projects we've taken on, but so worth it.  The change is remarkable.

Furniture makeover

furniture update

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