How do I Choose a Bathroom Vanity Light

The options are endless and the price point ranges a lot but I'm going to answer the question how do I choose a bathroom vanity light.

Lighting is an easy way to change up the look of a space.  It is also an easy way to make some updates to your home no matter the space.

Working With What You Have

To start you need to work with what you have unless you're doing a new build or major renovation.  Meaning you cant easily move the location of the light.  Moving electrical boxes for lights can be tricky and you will need to hire a professional.  Changing out light fixtures isn't tough but completely moving things requires an electrician.  There are so many great mirrors and vanity lights.  I love the look of the round mirror with the sconce lights on either side like this.  The round mirror with a vanity light even looks amazing like these ones.  

Our guest Jack and Jill Bathroom has two sinks and a large mirror that we had previously framed.  You can check out how we framed our mirror here.  I wasn't ready to take down the large mirror yet but I was ready to update the lighting.

Trying to Make the Old Lighting Work

Because I'm a boy mom some of my design is a little more rustic.  I originally designed this bathroom to be very rustic and boyish.  We added the rough wood mirror frame and antler lights.  I have no clue where I found the antler light but I didn't love the color.  For some reason I kept the light and lived with it for a long time.  


Because our kids are grown I don't go into that bathroom very often.  It gets cleaned on occasion or when we've had company.  One day while cleaning up after guests I took a look at the current vanity light situation and decided I couldn't live with it any longer so I thought about painting the antlers and getting new glass shades.


Hoping it would look Amazing

I got busy removing the glass and taping around the light that I wanted to paint.  Honestly the concept of the light wasn't bad for the space it was in but the ugly yellow color wasn't going to work for me.  


I thought about painting the antlers a white color but decided black was the way to go.  To start I used a paint brush but I couldn't get into the nooks and crannies so I grabbed a foam brush which was a much better idea.

painting project

After getting the first one painted I wasn't loving the results.  I hoped once I got the second one done I would love it and just need to grab glass shades.  Unfortunately the results were not what I was hoping for.  I was left with cheap looking antler lights.  

painting project

The Reality of the Situation

I needed 6 glass shades which were about $10 each at Home Depot.  Before I went and purchased the shades I stood back and really assessed what I had and if I was happy with it.

The reality was I wasn't loving the look and decided a whole new light was the way to go.

But how do you choose a bathroom vanity light?  There are so many options and the price range is incredible.  If you are someone with an unlimited budget then you are going to have more options.  

I am always looking for great product and value in my purchases and knew there was a new vanity light at Lowes that I am loving and would look amazing in this space.  Hopefully I'm not the only person who spends a lot of time wandering the lighting aisles of the big box stores.  

bathroom vanity light

Size Does Matter in Lighting

When you are trying to choose bathroom vanity lighting be sure to think about size.  If it's too small it will look off.  Our electrical boxes were a little close to the wall.  I was hoping the vanity light I wanted would work and not look like they were shoved in the corner.

The placement of the lights is a little off in my opinion but I'm sure it's what worked best when then were being installed.

Here is the bathroom vanity light I picked up at Lowes.  It is big enough for the space, a great price and looks amazing.  It is a modern farmhouse look that is elegant and pretty.  The best part is the price.  You are getting a great quality and style for your investment.

Out with the Old and In with the New

Replacing the old, dated and not so pretty bathroom vanity light was a great decision.  I really hoped painting it would give me an elegant look but it really wasn't working so I aborted the plan and got something new.  The size of the light is really great and I love the shape of the shades.  

vanity lights

Best decision for the space.  I love the look of the new lights.  It adds so much elegance to the space but looks really nice with the more rustic framed mirror.  

vanity lights

So there you have it, how I chose a bathroom vanity light.  Even though the project went south I'm thrilled with the new look in the space.  It now looks elegant, rustic and so pretty.

Don't be afraid to try something new.  Updating your lights is a super easy and relatively inexpensive way to improve the look of your space.  

vanity lights

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