How to create a comfy and warm corner using shiplap

There are many ways to add texture and uniqueness to a space. One of my favorite is to add wood. I wanted to create a comfy and warm corner using shiplap. I’m excited to show you how I easy it is to created a cozy space using shiplap.

Wood is one of my favorite elements to work with. I love real wood but I also like adding manufactured wood elements to a space to add warmth and texture.

Why do I like wood

I’m not sure when or why I fell in love with wood. I love the smell of wood. When we’re working on a project I love the smell when we have made a fresh cut. Sanding a piece of actual wood is one of my favorite things to do. Especially if it is a worn and weathered piece that needs to be brought back to life. Having said that I really love to leave pieces in their weathered and worn look at times too. Those are usually decor pieces that have so much charm and character.

Why I wanted to create this cozy space

Our home has a really cute corner that was the perfect place for our piano a cute light and a small chair. It was looking a little drab so I wanted to figure out a way to make it a little more unique and cozy.

Choosing shiplap to create this comfy corner

I knew I wanted to add something warm and comfy in this corner and decided I loved the farmhouse look of shiplap. It creates the warmth and coziness I was after. It is an easy DIY and fairly inexpensive. The cost would add up if you were doing a whole house but for this little corner it wasn’t terribly expensive. The perfect project for any of you that are just joining the world of DIY.

I love the additional texture you get when working with shiplap it adds depth and creates a beautiful wall. A plain painted wall can feel a little boring and uninspiring which is what I had. I was looking for something a little more unique.

I really waffled between board and batten and shiplap in this corner but decided I really wanted the shiplap. We have installed shiplap in other areas of our home. Check out our laundry room it turned out so pretty.

Deciding what to install

After measuring the space and getting our supply list we headed to Home Depot for the shiplap. They have carried this beautiful easy to use shiplap for a few years. It makes doing a shiplap project super easy. There are a lot of DIY shiplap ideas out there but for the cost I like using this ready made product from Home Depot.

Here are a couple faux shiplap ideas I have seen but never done. The first one is with a painted wall and a sharpie marker to create the illusion of shiplap. Or even use plywood and a coin for spacing. I’m not 100% convinced that the sharpie shiplap looks good when you look at it close. The plywood and coin shiplap would give the depth and texture but for me it was worth the Home Depot product.

There are a few options and I think they serve a purpose but I was willing to invest a little more and get the look I was really after.

Styles that I like, farmhouse and eclectic

What is your favorite style? I really like the farmhouse style of home but there are a lot of other styles I like as well. The other styles I love are traditional, rustic and industrial. I find modern to be beautiful as well but I personally don’t think it looks as good when you are mixing styles which is what I usually do.

If I was describing my home I would say it is traditional with touches of farmhouse, rustic and industrial. The rustic and industrial show up more in the decor then in the construction but I still love them.

Getting the shiplap ready to install

Before installing I got it all painted making sure to get along the lip of the shiplap. I knew we’d need to give it another coat of paint once it was installed but I like to give it one coat before installation.

Prepping the shiplap wall
My painting station. Excited to create a cozy corner

The space we were working on was short enough that it only took full lengths so we didn’t have to work with any seams. There was an outlet to work around and the thermostat Monte removed so he could drill a hole in the shiplap and pull the wires through.

Installing the shiplap from the bottom up

We left our existing baseboards that look like the shiplap. Putting a couple coins on top of the baseboards for the initial spacing of the first row is not crucial but gives you the proper look. After that the purchased shiplap magically spaces itself.

Installing the shiplap
Working our way from the bottom up. Making and creating a warm space.

We were doing two adjoining walls so we worked on them together.

Monte purchased outlet extenders for the plugs we had to work around. Because we are adding depth with the wood adding the extender is a must for this project.

electrical extender
The outlet extenders. Easy to install and essential.
shiplap installation
They also worked for the light switches
shiplap installation
This cozy space is looking good even with the electrical hanging.

Getting closer to creating that cozy corner

I wanted to be a little creative and not take the shiplap to the ceiling. I took it as high as was pleasing to my eye.

shiplap installation
The shiplap is making and creating a comfy and cozy corner.

Because I didn’t take it to the ceiling we needed a way to finish the edges. We accomplished this with a piece of thin trim running it along the top. We used the same pieces along the exterior edges. This gave the whole project a finished look.

shiplap corner installation
Monte adding the edge piece to this cozy space.
finishing shiplap installation
This shiplap corner is already looking amazing even before it’s finished.

Finishing up the comfy cozy corner

After we got the space to this stage I just needed to caulk the nail holes and give it a couple coats of paint. I am getting super excited about this space. It is really the comfy and cozy corner I was hoping the shiplap would create.

The unique and cozy corner we created with shiplap

shiplap corner
The shiplap created the comfy cozy corner I was after
cozy shiplap corner
Love the depth it adds to the space

I love the warmth and texture this shiplap wall created in our home. I love the look and feel when I’m sitting here.

warm and inviting shiplap corner
A perfect place to relax
cozy shiplap corner
The shiplap makes this space truly unique
shiplap corner
A final look at the cozy space

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