How to create a unique accent wall with beadboard?

How to create a unique accent wall with beadboard? I love beadboard and the warmth it adds to a space. The look of beadboard is something I have always loved so I was excited to incorporate it in my master bedroom.

How to create a unique accent wall with beadboard?

Beadboard is also called wainscoting, I have always referred to this board as beadboard so thats what I’ll stick with.

I think beadboard has a rich and elegant look that can be a lot of fun. We have installed it in various areas of our homes. In our previous home because we didn’t have a lot to spend on a kitchen backsplash we did a beadboard backsplash. Check it out here. It was quick and budget conscious and looked really good in the space.

Figuring out the Accent Wall

After we had lived in our home for a bit I was ready to add some uniqueness to our master bedroom.

We had a couple structure issues to work around so it took a little bit figuring out what would work. Our master bedroom has a large window over looking our back yard plus a patio door that is perfect to watch the sunrise. Because of the large window and patio door there is definite wall that works best for the bed.

Our master bedroom is decently large. With a king size bed and two dressers and night stands there is plenty of space. The wall for the king bed and dressers also has two smaller windows that are really high. They bring in natural light but are so high that you can’t see out them.

Working around the two small bedroom windows.

Their location is good but I didn’t want to work around them for our accent wall. I decided to create a large bed accent that adds uniqueness and charm to the space.

Deciding on Beadboard

After deciding to do a bed accent instead of a full accent wall I had to figure out how to create a truly unique look.

I really love beadboard so I started looking and seeing if there was something fun and unique I could do with it. We have 10′ ceiling so it was going to make a statement. We didn’t want it to be small and unintentional I was looking for something truly showy.

I also like crisp lines but I’m not afraid to shake things up just a little. I didn’t want to run the beadboard horizontal or vertical top to bottom. It would be a little too straight and boring.

Alternate the Pattern to Create a Unique Accent Wall

I decided it might be fun to alternate the pattern in similar sized squares. When I finally decided on my design I was super excited and knew it would look amazing in my space. Not only would it add some texture to my master bedroom it would also soften the space and make it pretty and unique.

We measured the space and knowing what size of beadboard was available. We went to Home Depot to purchase the 34″ x 48″ sheets of beadboard. You can check them out here. There are also a variety of beadboard width. The various widths are not always available in store. I wanted something on the smaller side, thankfully it was available.

Beadboard comes in a variety of width.

Off to Home Depot for Product

We made our way to Home Depot to purchase supplies. While we were there we decided to have the beadboard cut to the proper size. It was a little tricky getting it cut to size and having the pattern alternate. We had measured and knew what we needed each square to be. The center of the wall was where we built from. Our king bed would sit in the middle and line up with the accent and in between the two windows.

Monte and I struggled to figure it out a little. We wanted to minimize waste and also get the best bang for our dollar.

Not only did we pick up the beadboard we needed to get trim for the middle, down the sides and between each alternating beadboard.

Installing our Unique Beadboard Accent Wall

We had started the installation process the week before. Because we did the master bedroom crown moulding first it gave us the exact space to work in. We had gorgeous baseboards so the whole project was going to look amazing.

We have installed the crown moulding in a few spaces around our home. It is modern and so easy to install. You can check out the crown moulding installation in the master here and in our kitchen here.

Looks so good with the baseboard and crown moulding.

When I measured the space I didn’t want the beadboard squares to be too large or too small so the bottom squares were going to be a little smaller then the ones you can see. They would be behind the bed and not seen so I was okay making the ones you see the size I wanted.

Beautiful and Unique Accent Wall

The trickiest part to this installation was measuring and making sure we didn’t mess it up. Monte put the trim up first and were filling in with the beadboard. We didn’t want to put the trim boards over the board and batten so you didn’t see the raw edges of the bead board.

Because there were spots that didn’t have studs to nail to we used liquid nails. We first installed the 3 vertical boards making sure the spaces between would fit the perviously cut beadboard.

After the vertical pieces were done we started installing the bead board from the top down. We did the two top pieces first then put up the horizontal trim that runs between each alternating beadboard. We knew we wanted the 6 visible squares to be the exact sizes so we didn’t worry too much about the size of the final two. The size I picked was just based on what I thought would look the best for the space.

It really wasn’t too tricky just a little discussion and figuring.

The smaller pieces will not be seen behind the bed.

It looks amazing with the window trim and crown.

Alternating the beadboard direction adds some unique fun to the master bedroom. It was a great way to create a unique accent wall with beadboard.

Trimming the alternating beadboard

A Beautiful Master Bedroom

I am so in love with the look. It is unique and custom. It is exactly what I envisioned. Because it is so pretty I didn’t see a need for a headboard. This alternating beadboard accent creates the headboard look. I think it looks even better.

A unique addition to this space

A great way to make and create a unique accent wall with beadboard.

Adding the vintage window frame and layering it with a wreath and frame finish the space perfectly.

Decor to the Door

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