How to Decorate a Mantel for Christmas with a TV Above It

How to decorate a mantel for Christmas with a TV above it.  A beautifully decorated mantel is one of the easiest and prettiest places to decorate for the holidays.

It is a little harder with a TV above the fireplace but can still be done.  Not only will it look beautiful and elegant even with a TV.  If you're lucky enough to have a TV with a beautiful frame so it looks like art work you're job might be a little easier.

We don't have that at our home so I'm going to take you through the steps to I took to decorate our mantel.  

Embrace What You Have

Mantels come in so many sizes and shapes.  You're mantel may be a small shelf added to brick above your wood fireplace like this one.

It may be a smaller electric unit that you have added in your home.

Ours was installed when we purchased our semi custom home.  It ended up being bigger then expected.  It's gone through a variety of changes.  I'm incredibly happy with the way it looks now.  This is my first year decorating it after the updates we made.  You can check out the fireplace updates Here.

Our mantel goes a lot longer then the fireplace and TV.  Because we have two large cubbies on either side of the fireplace and a build out next to the TV.  It makes it a little harder to decorate.  

I'm excited to show you how I decorated my mantel for Christmas with the TV above it.

fireplace mantel

Sometimes Less is More

I'm a true believe that sometimes less is more.  I could decorate from one end to the other but I really think that would be too much for my taste.  So I focus on the area that is a little deeper and carry an accent to one direction for intrigue.

Start With a Beautiful Garland 

A beautiful garland is the easiest place to start.  You can make your own garland or do the easy thing and buy something beautiful.  There are so many garland options.  I love all the gorgeous garlands at Hobby Lobby.  They seem a little expensive but you can easily find them for 50% OFF.  I really love this one

Find one that doesn't look like plastic and has a variety of greenery.  I also love them when they have other items for texture, like pine cones or berries.

The one I used I've had for a couple years.  I loved it but it was a little short so I found a couple large picks to add on either end.  They are from Target Hearth and Hand Collection.  These picks will add length plus another texture.

Layer Your Garland

Don't be afraid to layer your garland.  It adds so much to the overall look of your Christmas display.  It also makes it unique.  I layered my garland because it wasn't quite long enough.  I added the beautiful pine picks. 

decorate your mantel

fireplace mantel

Since where I decorate is decently deep I added an older garland with lights behind and under the pretty one for additional texture.  I also love the look of the additional lights.  Using a couple beautiful pieces you end up with something really special.

fireplace mantel

After I created a beautiful base I was ready to add the elegant garland.  This garland piece has gorgeous red berries, rattan balls and twigs.  A versatile piece that I love and looks so elegant

Create a Decor Theme

I decided to use bells as my decor theme this year.  I had a lot of beautiful bells in all shapes and colors.  To make everything cohesive I spray painted them all a beautiful gold.  A quick easy and inexpensive way to update your decor. They matched some beautiful new bells I found this year perfectly.

fireplace mantel

I also found some gorgeous large bells at one of my favorite stores Rodworks.  As soon as I found the bells I knew they would look amazing hanging on my mantel off center.  They came in a set of three which I loved but a couple weeks later found another set of smaller bells in the same style and color that I added to the display.  

Adding a Beautiful Bead Garland 

The final step to creating my Christmas mantel with a TV above it was adding a bead garland and some of the bells I had spray painted gold. I started with the bead garland adjusting it until I got the perfect length.  

fireplace mantelI like to use command hooks on my mantel to hang my garlands along the front.  It is an easy and inexpensive and non invasive way to hang decor along the front.  For the bead garland and the bells I attached the command hooks on the top flat part of the mantel under the greenery.  They don't damage your beautiful wood and they are easy to remove.

You can find bead garland on Etsy or in decor shops but I purchased my beads from Amazon and made my own by stringing them on jute which can be found at Hobby Lobby.

I made a layered look with the bead garland and beautiful bells that I tied to jute.

fireplace mantel  

Adding the Final Touches to My Christmas Mantel

Earlier when I said I like to keep thing cohesive and tie my theme together I did this by adding the same bead garland on top of my greenery that I use in on Christmas tree.

I also added some lights to the non lite portion of my garland.  The older shaggy but great for filler garland has mini lights but the prettier but too short garland didn't have any lights.  I had some wire battery lights that work perfect to wrap around the top of the garland and add the perfect amount of seasonal lights.

fireplace mantel

 fireplace mantel

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