How to Organize your Closet

How do you feel about organization?  I love having my home in order but there are times I need to make it a priority in certain areas.  Our primary bedroom closet was functioning but had a few issues I was ready to fix.  Let me show you how to organize your closet.


Find the Pain Points

We have a nice walk-in closet that functions well for me and my husband.  I'll admit that we probably don't have as many clothes as a lot of people.  Our main bedroom actually has 2 walk-in closets.  This is by far the smaller one.  The other one is used 100% for storage.  I'm sure there are couples that could fill both of them up with clothing but this is what we need.

Finding the pain points wasn't terribly hard.  My jewelry was a mess.  I had old journals and family history books stacked up on the top shelves.  Since we have 10 foot ceilings the shelves are high.  Not something I can reach without bringing in a chair.  

Years ago I invested in wood hangers so everything looked pretty.  Which I always want in life.  There wasn't a lot that needed to be done but the changes made a huge difference.

Edit, Edit, Edit

What does that mean?  Go through everything and trash or donate what you don't need.  I do this often but there were still a few things I hadn't worn for a long time and wasn't loving any more.

One of my big pain points was jewelry.  I had a lot of costume jewelry I hadn't worn for years and didn't think I would wear again.  I also had a container of earring I hadn't looked at for a long time.  Those were even stored somewhere else.  I wanted to get all the jewelry together and donate what I was never going to wear again.  

If you have a jam packed full closet you may need to pull everything out, try things on and start with a blank slate.  Because I'm more of a minimalist I didn't need to take everything out I just need to make things work better. 

New Jewelry Box

This was a huge one.  I've had the old, dated jewelry box for years.  It just wasn't working for me so I did some online looking and found some really pretty clear ones that had all the dividers I needed to make it work for me.  I wasn't sure how many I would need so I ordered one, I loved it so much but I wanted to use it for all my jewelry including my earrings. 

Having a second one was going to make things so much better.  Because they're stackable I knew ahead of time two of them would work.  The second one I ordered didn't have a ring holder. These are affiliated links to the two beautiful storage jewelry boxes that worked for me.  Here and Here

I needed more space for necklaces, bracelets and earrings.  I'll be honest I'm not talking about expensive jewels.  I also wanted a drawer for some costume jewelry I had from my grandma that I will never wear but I do love having them.

Beautiful Boxes for Storage

The next step was finding beautiful storage boxes to hide all the journals and family history books.  I came across a show on Netflix called Get Organized with The Home Edit.  I had never heard of them but I love organization so I started watching for ideas and inspiration.  We are all at different places in our organization.  I never have a problem with getting rid of stuff. The Home Edit team is big on containers.  

That gave me the idea that cute soft sided storage containers would be perfect. They would be the perfect container for the books but look amazing in my closet.

Here are the beautiful ones I found on Amazon.  (affiliate link) I thought about moving the journals and family history books to a different closet but that would just be moving the problem.  

Purse Dividers

The final step of products I needed to purchase was purse dividers.  I don't have a lot of 'handbags'. I actually have ZERO that are expensive but I still had a few that I like to change out on occasion.  They stayed on a shelf that worked but without the dividers they didn't look as nice.  The dividers stands them up and probably keeps them in better shape.

Here is what I found that worked really well.  This affiliated link from Amazon is perfect because they are adjustable, making it more versatile.  

Organize my Clothing

The Home Edit is big on color coding.  I didn't feel like I needed to go that extreme but I did want to put my Fall colors together, and short sleeve Spring and Summer clothing together.  

I did the same with my husbands.  He doesn't wear a lot of bright colors but I put like colors together and short and long sleeve together.  For our pants I put jeans and dress slacks together.  Remember we live in Arizona and wear shorts 10 months of the year.  I really don't wear a lot of pants so I don't have a lot.

Now the Shoes

We don't wear shoes in our house.  That might be a Canadian thing.  So I have a few pair of shoes (mostly sandals) in a cupboard at the back door for quick access. 

The shoes in my closet are for going out or dressing up.  So I arranged them by colors which was mostly black and brown because.  I did the same with my husbands dress shoes.  

My next organization project is the larger closet in my main bedroom.  The one that is strictly for storage.  My husband added some shelves for me but I am ready to get some coordinating containers and make it much more usable.  Check out the shelves we added here.  

Decor to the Door

There are so many cute and amazing seasonal decor pieces available at Decor to the Door.  The holidays are here.  You will love all the unique and beautiful pieces.  Check out what is currently available at Decor to the Door Here.