How to Transition Your Decor Season After Season

I'm excited to show you how to transition your decor season after season.  Purchasing decor for each holiday and season is expensive and fills your home with a lot of stuff.

I'm all for updating and getting something new but it's nice to transition quality and pretty decor through the seasons.  I like to change decor but I don't want my house filled with stuff.  

Step One: Invest in Good Quality Pieces

The easiest way to keep your decor working through out the seasons is invest in beautiful decor that is timeless and fits your style and space.

I have a large but pretty entryway table that I've taken the time to look for and find pieces that will work for many seasons.  Not only does it look amazing with the everyday decor I can decorate it for the seasons by adding just a little to it.

home decor

You can check out how I style my entryway table hereThis is how I styled my entryway table for the Christmas holidays.  Because I had beautiful pieces that look really nice it was so easy to add the Christmas decor.  Making it super easy to transition to the post holiday season decorations.  No need to redo everything just add a few beautiful pieces to the everyday decor.

Step Two: Take Inventory

Taking an inventory of what you have helps when you transition your decor.  I like to have my basic pieces then add to if needed.  Seeing what I have and making decisions on what I need to invest in makes it so much easier.

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When I am decorating for a season like Fall I pull out all my tubs and take out everything so I can see what I have and if I need something else. Here are some of my favorite storage bins.  Seeing everything helps me remember what I have because I do forget from one year to the next, especially if I've purchased something new.  

Step Three: Plan Ahead

I don't know if you've noticed how early the holiday decor hits the shelves and it is very picked over by the time it's time to decorate. 

holiday shopping

I will often check out my Thanksgiving and Halloween decor when I'm bringing out the Fall decor.  When I bring out my Fall decor I also check out my Christmas decor.  This is really important especially for Christmas decor.  The holiday decor gets very picked over when you get ready for decorating.  Making it important to inventory early in the season.  Taking an inventory of what you have and decide what pieces you want to add to your decorating will help with the seasonal transition.  You will be able to look and find pieces before the shelves are empty.

Step Four: Donate and Trash Unnecessary Pieces

I heard a quote one time that said if its something you haven't used in a long time and can be replaced for $20 in 20 minutes it's time to let it go.  I am not a keeper but I have missed the odd piece I donated on occasion.  But knowing I can replace it quickly and for not a lot helps me be generous in my donating.  Seasonal decor doesn't get used for months so use your head when purging.  But if you open your seasonal decor tubs and find something you haven't used in a few years and you're not loving it it's time to donate it or throw it away if it's not salvageable.

I do have a couple things I don't put out every year but they hold a special place in my heart so for me they are worth keeping.  But I do try to be intentional with the pieces I keep.  If I keep everything that someone gave me my house would be overflowing and wouldn't feel good to me.  I don't feel a need to keep everything I have purchased or been given.  

Step Five: Sometimes Less is More

I am not a pure minimalist but I do function better when I have less 'stuff' around me.  If my closets are bursting and there is chaos in my cupboards I feel more anxious and flustered.  I like to have organization and not being weighed down by so many 'things'.  

Now, I have more 'stuff' then I 'need'.  I like to have pretty things but I need to be intentional about what I have in my home.  Having more organization and being intentional with what pieces I keep helps me have more calm and peace in my home. 

You can often find me donating decor, furniture or clothing on a Saturday.

goodwill donations

Step Six: Create the Home You Love

If you love decor overflowing on your entryway table, island or mantel.  Or the top of your kitchen cupboards covered with decor embrace it and enjoy it.

home decor

If you like to have a little less stuff but still want to have a beautifully decorated home find the balance that works for you.  There is beauty in both styles of decorating. 

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Step Seven: How to Decorate in the Off Seasons

I like to add new decor each month for holidays like Valentines, Easter and 4th of July.  Now I don't want to fully transition my home for each of these small holidays I have found a tiered tray or a large tray on my island is a simple and cute way to celebrate these smaller holidays.

It doesn't require a lot of decor and doesn't take much time because you can decorate a tray in just a few minutes.

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Step Eight: Shop Decor to the Door

If you want to create a beautiful decor space that is easy and quick to decorate check out my shop Decor to the Door.  You will have a beautifully decorated tray in minutes.

There are so many beautiful pieces available.  It will make your decor transition super easy.