How to Use Shiplap in Every Room in the House

How to Use Shiplap in Every Room in the House

Here is how to use shiplap in every room in the house.  Shiplap is such beautiful addition to any space.  It adds texture and depth and creates something unique.

The options with shiplap are pretty endless.  You can use it as an accent or cover every wall and ceiling.

Whatever you decide to do it will create something special and unique in your home.

Let me show you five ways we have used shiplap in our home that you will love.  You will see how versatile it is how how much prettiness it adds to your home.  It is something we've used in many different ways.  I love it all and I'm sure you will too.  

#1 A Gorgeous Reading Nook

Adding shiplap to a corner area in our great room created a beautiful reading nook.  It added so much character and charm to the space and really made it something special.

Shiplap is so easy to work with.  We purchased our shiplap from Home Depot.  It comes in a lot of lengths so you have tons of options.  The length of the wall will dictate the length of shiplap you need to purchase.  The width is standard but the length varies.  I like to get the primed MDF shiplap from Home Depot.

Because the shiplap looks just like our baseboards we didn't need to remove them.  If you have small baseboards take them off and start the shiplap from the bottom.

I wanted to create a little reading nook so I didn't want to take the shiplap to the ceiling.  This space had a tray ceiling and crown moulding.  I wanted to keep the look of the crown but add something unique with the shiplap.  You can see how we installed the modern baseboard inspired crown moulding here

shiplap reading nook

 # 2  Update the Laundry

Our laundry room is on the small side.  It is big enough to walk in and has room for the washer and dryer.  Even though it is small I was wanting update the space and make it a little more fun and exciting.  Shiplap was the perfect answer.

We pulled the washer and dryer out of the way and shiplapped behind them and along the wall you see when you walk into the space. 

It make such a difference in this space.  It was boring and drab and we were able to create something so exciting.  I love the texture and warmth it added to this space.

Check out the steps we took to install the laundry room shiplap Here

shiplap laundry room

# 3  Shiplap on the Ceiling

Not only does shiplap look amazing on walls it looks just as amazing on a ceiling.  I have added shiplap on the ceiling in a couple areas of our home.

The first area was the entry way.  By adding the shiplap to this space we created something truly special.  It's unique and is a focal point in the room 

We also added shiplap to a small hallway area.  It's a space just off the entry that heads down the hallway.

I love the texture and drama it added to this space as well.

You can see the shiplap ceilings Here and Here.  

shiplap ceiling

shiplap ceiling

# 4 Shiplap the Back Hallway

Not only did we add shiplap on the ceiling in the back hallway but we also added shiplap to the walls.  This is a space that doesn't serve a purpose.  It's to small to function but to big to ignore.

I wanted to make it like the reading area we created in the great room.  So we added shiplap to the same height.

Because we had the baseboard inspired crown moulding and shiplap ceiling not going all the way up gave us the look we were after.

Check it out Here.

shiplap the hallway

# 5 Shiplap the Fireplace

Another space that we added shiplap was to our fireplace.  it was needing a little sprucing up.  I was tired of the shelves and wanted to take them out so I could have a space for beautiful baskets.

I also wanted to had shiplap to the exterior to add texture and dimension.  The final key to this project was painting it black.  I love the update we were able to make in this space.  You can see the details Here.  

shiplap the fireplace

Necessary Step to Make it Look Amazing

After you get your shiplap installed you will want to caulk all the nail holes and any places where it meets in corners.  If you need to add side trim you will need to caulk those edges also.  Caulking is the key piece to making your shiplap projects look like they've been installed by professionals.  Here is the caulk we use but there are lots of options at your local hardware store.  If you have a bigger project this is the way to go using a caulking gun.  

After you add the caulk you'll use your finger and a wet paper towel or baby wipe to wipe over the seam.  This gives you the gorgeous finish you're after.

Once the caulking is dry it's time to start painting which is the final steps to a beautifully finished project.  One that you will be able to enjoy for a long time.  

The Options are Endless

Shiplap is so versatile and creates such a beautiful look.  I am thrilled with all the shiplap we've installed in our home. 

Not only does it look amazing when you hang it horizontally but it looks just as beautiful installed vertically.  That may be my next project.  

Be creative and have some fun with all the shiplap options.

Decor to the Door

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