Kitchen Storage and Organization Ideas


Keeping your kitchen organized and maximizing storage space can make cooking and meal preparation much easier.  I have been working on creating better storage solutions that help my kitchen function better and look pretty.  Here are some kitchen storage and organization ideas to consider. 

Idea 1: Declutter and Purge

Before organizing, go through your kitchen and declutter. Get rid of items you no longer use or need. This will create more space and make organization easier. We have a habit of collecting things we think we need but don't use after trying it a time or two.  Donate any items you don't use to create space and order.  

We all have small appliances that we don't use and are taking up valuable space in our cupboards and pantries.  Or a drawer filled with utensils you don't use, sometimes we have multiples that we don't need.  Once again donate the extras and enjoy the feeling space and order creates for you. 

If you have a cupboard filled with unorganized spices, pull them all out.  Chances are you have old, almost empty spice containers shoved in the back of your drawer or cupboard.  Throw away the duplicates and if it's something you haven't changed in awhile dump out the old and get some new spices.  Your family will appreciate the fresh spices in their food. 

I love buying spices at Winco, you can buy them from their bulk section keeping your spices new and fresh. 

Idea 2: Cabinet Organizers

Use cabinet organizers.  This is very personal to your needs and your space.  Bins,  drawers, or lazy susan's will help to maximize the space in your cabinets. These organizers help you access items at the back of the cabinet more easily.  Also getting baking racks so baking sheets can stand vertical not only save space but time getting the baking dish you are after.  I fought the use of bins for so long.  I had everything organized in my cupboards so I knew what was there but putting things in bins makes it so much easier.  Especially if you are shorter, you can grab a bin, pull it down and easily reach what is at the back.  If it wasn't in bins I'd have to get a chair to reach the items at the back of the shelf.  

cabinet organization

Lazy susan's are great items when you have corners in your pantry.  They keep things from getting lost and helps locate the items.  Here are some great lazy susan options. 

Really assessing what you need before purchasing makes buying so much better.  Something I have learned is you will need more than you expect.  If things can be returned don't be afraid to buy more than you think, because chances are you will use them.  

Idea 3: Clear Storage Containers

Clear storage containers: Store dry goods such as cereals, pasta, or snacks in clear storage containers. They help keep your pantry organized, make it easier to see what you have, and save space compared to bulky packaging. These oxo cereal storage container good to have. 

pantry organization

It took me awhile to understand why people decanter cereal, pasta and baking goods.  The truth is it makes the pantry look cleaner, plus you can easily see what you have.  If you have a row of cereal boxes that are tattered and worn with nothing in them consider pop top containers. Because we don't eat a lot of cereal it wasn't necessary for me but there are other items I've grouped together.  It makes finding items a breeze, saves me from loosing items in the back of the pantry abyss.  Plus it helps me quickly make a grocery list because I can easily see what I need.  

Idea 4: Group Items

Use clear bins or baskets for grouping.  Group similar items together in clear bins or baskets. For example, keep baking supplies or snacks in separate bins to maintain order and easily find what you need. Some of my groupings include oils & vinegars.  Peanut Butter, honey and syrups.  Grandbabies snack baskets. Croutons, bacon bits and tortilla strips.  Chips and crackers.  I like to keep beverages grouped together.  

pantry organization

One thing I did learn is it will take more baskets and bins than you expect.  You also think it is going to take more space but it actually creates more.  I find the pantry looks more open and organized with bins then when I had it organized but not in bins.  

Idea 5: Label Containers

Labeling containers and shelves can help you quickly locate items and maintain organization. Use labels or chalkboard paint to mark containers and shelves.  There are so many container labels available.  They are cute and functional, especially for spices and baking items.  I haven't labeled things like lasagna or spaghetti noodles because well they're pretty obvious and you can see through the containers.  

cabinet organization







I love the labels that came with my spice and baking containers.  They make my baking cupboard look so pretty.  It was organized but didn't look great.  Now it is so pretty and functions even better than before.  

 Idea 6: Check for Expired Outdated Food

When I had a houseful of teenage boys I never had to worry about food expiring.  We used everything I purchased.  Now that it is just the two of us I do have to throw things out on occasion.  It is an adjustment when you're so used to purchasing such large quantities of food to scale back a bit.  After 2020 we've all learned to have a little extra on hand, having it organized makes knowing what you have on hand so much easier.  

home organization

Organizing my pantry and baking cupboard was fun.  Being organized brings me peace and helps me function on a more positive level.  

Idea 7: Kitchen Sink Organization

The final place I wanted to update and organize was my kitchen sink. 

kitchen sink organization








I wanted to create a space that looked good but also functioned really well.  This was a quick and easy way to make the space not only look great but also function well. I found adorable hand and dish soap dispensers and a great wire basket to hold brushes for cleaning dishes and scrubbing vegetables.  

organize your kitchne

Getting these spaces organized takes me further down my path of getting my kitchen updated and looking better.  You can see some of the other things we've done recently here.  

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