Medicine Cabinet Make Over

The standard medicine cabinet in each of our 3 full bathrooms are a little boring or even ugly. Having said that they are very handy for storing a lot of unsightly but useful items like face cleaners, nail polish and medicine. Items I use daily and like to have easily accessible.

In our guest bathroom I wanted to make the boring medicine cabinet pretty and functional. I figured we could do that by pulling out the cabinet and build a charming niche in its place. Since I had never taken one of these cabinets out I wasn’t sure how big of a job it was going to be. Thankfully Monte is smarter then I am when it comes to construction. He knew it would come out easily and hoped the framing behind the wall was solid.

The Old Boring Medicine Cabinet

medicine cabinet update

Surprise, it was so easy to pull out. All we had to do was take a knife and run it around the silicone to cut it free then easily slid the cabinet out. I don’t know why I thought it would be hard, it was a treat having it come out so smoothly. The best part was finding decent framing behind the medicine cabinet. Having it well framed made the making and creating much easier.

Making and Creating

Now comes the fun, making and creating a charming niche. First I decided to use bead board in the back of the niche we were creating. Monte cut a piece to fit the back and nailed it in place. We didn’t need to be exact in our measuring and cutting, we had a little wiggle room thanks to the framing. Next we framed the interior sides of the niche cutting each corner at a 90 degree and fitting them together tightly. Then we framed the exterior using 45 degree angles on the corners. The most important step after framing is caulking the seams. This is what gives your projects the finished custom look and makes the painting look amazing.

When the framing was done we added some shelving. To figure out the height I had Monte hold up the shelves while I eyed where I thought they looked the best and were functional. He marked the height on the sides and nailed them in place. The shelves aren’t adjustable but because it is a guest bathroom it wasn’t necessary. A quick coat of paint finished off this project perfectly.

So Pretty

medicine cabinet update


medicine cabinet update

The only medicine cabinet we have pulled out so far is the guest bathroom. The one in our master bathroom stores items that are not very attractive too look at. Out of site works best in our bathroom. The guest bathroom is the perfect place to make the niche. I like having a few useful items on hand for our guests. Items like cotton balls and q-tips can look really cute if they are stored in pretty containers.

Doing this simple project added charm to our guest bathroom. I love making and creating a project that doesn’t require a lot of time and makes a unique change to the space.

medicine cabinet update

This was a fun project. It was fairly simple and didn’t take a lot of time. Because we were able to used material left over from other projects it really didn’t cost anything. We did not have to purchase any additional material to make and create this charming niche.