Modern Crown Molding Ideas for your Ceiling

I created some beautiful modern crown molding ideas for your ceiling.  It is the perfect way to create some character and charm for my home.  The modern crown molding is easier and less expensive than traditional crown.

Crown Molding Ideas

There are so many options for crown molding.  If you've ever been too beautiful traditional homes in the south the ornate crown molding is so pretty.  I love the large gorgeous crown molding but it doesn't suit my home.  

Here are a few examples of larger more traditional crown molding that is beautiful but wasn't what I was after.

I love the idea of crown molding in a space but all the options I could find were not what I wanted in my home. So I had to create my own.

Modern Crown Molding

In our home we have high ceilings.  Well I think they're high for a single level home.  They're 10' which is really nice.  I wanted to add to the look of the beautiful high ceiling.  

I also like to keep things consistent through out our home creating a beautiful flow.  This modern crown molding idea for our ceiling is something we've installed in different rooms of our home.

Where we Started

The first room we installed crown molding was in our main bedroom.  It was something I wanted to do so the main bedroom looked special.  It is a large space which is light and bright.  My husband and I also added a wood feature for our headboard which worked really well with the crown molding.  You can see how we created the bead board accent wall Here.  

crown molding

crown molding

I love the way it updated the room.  It took it from boring and uninspiring to unique and something special.

Accent pillows are a fun way to update a space.  I'm really loving the colors and textures of these one.  

shop amazon

Modern Crown Molding in the Main Living Area

We have a large gas fireplace in our main living area.  Plus some beautiful large windows with a tray ceiling.  Because of the tray ceiling we changed the size of the crown just a little.  Using smaller wood in the lower tray.  We had added more ornate crown around the fireplace so it looked a little more special but then carried around the rest of the room with the modern crown molding.

modern crown molding

tray crown molding

The crown molding was the perfect addition to the space.  Check out all the quick easy and inexpensive ways we've updated this space. 

We also have a piano corner in our main living area with shiplap.  The shiplap with the modern crown molding was the perfect addition to the space.

crown and shiplap

Don't you love how beautiful the crown makes this space.  You can never have too many large wicker baskets.  I am loving these ones.  

wicker baskets

Crown Molding in the Dining Area and Kitchen

We have a combined eating area and kitchen.  It is a wide open space that looks into our main living area.  So carrying the crown from the main living area into the kitchen complement the two areas perfectly.

dining area crown

crown in the kitchen

Adding the crown molding above the kitchen cupboards makes the whole space look amazing.  This is the only outside corners that we have done.  They look so different then the inside corners but I think they look so pretty.  It is a beautiful addition to the space.

Modern Crown Molding in the Office

Our office is right off the front door.  There is a large barn door that is usually open so the space can be seen most of the time.  When we added a board and batten wall we also added crown molding in the office.  Making the space look even better.

crown molding for the office

This modern crown molding is a beautiful addition to your space.  It makes the space look intentional and special.  Did you know my husband and I built the bookcase?  You can check out all the details here and here

Crown Molding in the Entry

Our entry has coordinating tray ceiling like the main living area.  I wanted to really update the space with shiplap and the beautiful modern crown molding.  It made our home look really special and ready for guest.  You will notice the shiplap in the entry ceiling.  It looks so good with the modern crown molding.

entry molding

crown molding

The tray ceiling is a beautiful feature that is unique and pretty.  I love how the modern crown molding looks in our entry plus the main living area.  The beautiful wood orb light really finishes the space.  Orb lights are so pretty and readily available.  I love this beautiful one from Amazon.  

orb light

Crown Molding in the Back Hallway

We also added crown molding in our back hallway.  There is a tray ceiling also so lots of texture.  Because it is off the main entry I wanted to add shiplap on the ceiling to match the entry.  This crown molding is such a fun way to update your home.

crown molding

The Final Room with Crown Molding

The final room we have this beautiful modern crown molding is in our half bath.  We added bead board instead of shiplap in this space.  It looks so pretty in this small space.  Because the room is so small it is quick and easy to add the modern crown molding.

crown molding

Modern Crown Molding Ideas for your Ceiling

The options are endless with this beautiful modern crown molding ideas for your ceiling.  We have a few rooms that don't have the crown molding, which makes me think we should carry forward with the crown.  I would love to add it in additional rooms in our home.  It looks so beautiful and I love depth and texture it adds to your home.

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