Modern Jack and Jill Bathroom Ideas

Here is a modern Jack and Jill bathroom ideas.  We previously had a rustic dated bathroom and was ready to make it more modern and elegant in a few easy steps.

Where it Started

The jack and jill bathroom had builder grade built in medicine cabinets and a large mirror.  Plus the cheapest vanity lights available.  We had added a rustic frame to the large mirror.  

Too create the modern jack and jill bathroom we needed to remove the rustic pieces and builder grade mirrors. 

Remove the Old so we can Bring in the New

To create the modern Jack and Jill bathroom we had to get out the old before we started adding the new.  First we removed the medicine cabinets, large builder grade mirror and frame.  Plus the cheap vanity lights.  

After the old was removed we needed to fill in the openings from the medicine cabinet.  Filling in the medicine cabinet openings isn't hard it just takes a little drying time between the mudding so we had smooth ready for paint walls.  

Modern Vertical Shiplap

Vertical shiplap creates a modern look.  It is easy and inexpensive to install and gives the Jack and Jill bathroom an elegant modern finish.

You can see how we got our Jack and Jill bathroom to this stage here.  

bathroom update

We removed the builder grade mirror, frame, and two builder grade medicine cabinets.  Then we started to put it all back together for a cleaner, modern elegant style.

Don't forget to paint the shiplap before it is installed, especially if you are using a dark color.  Getting paint in the shiplap spaces isn't easy, unless you paint it before you install. 

Modern Farmhouse Mirrors

The Jack and Jill bathroom has two square sinks, two vanity lights so it requires two modern farmhouse mirrors.  Dual vanities are a must for a Jack and Jill bathroom. They provide enough space for two people to get ready at the same time.

I wanted something simple, black and elegant.  Finding the perfect mirrors isn't hard but finding them for the right price is a challenge.  The ones we found are so pretty, the perfect shape, a great price and well made. 

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You can find the gorgeous lights and mirror here and here.  They look really pretty together.  The best part is they are delivered to your door.  

Mirrors are an essential part of any bathroom, and a Jack and Jill bathroom should have multiple mirrors to accommodate both occupants.

 Modern Mirror Installation

The mirrors arrived, I was excited to get them installed.  There is always a worry about shipping something breakable.  Thankfully they were well packaged and looked even better in person then online. 

         Shop Amazon   Jack and Jill Bathroom Mirror

The mirror came with everything you will need to hang it.  They can hang horizontally and vertically.  Because we have high ceilings it looks better to install vertically.  After the mirrors were unpackaged it was time to start measuring.  

Thanks to social media I saw someone use painter tape for easier measuring.  Placing tape across the back of the mirror, marking where the hangers are then using that piece of painters tape to get the wall measurements.

bathroom update   diy projects

Using the painters tape helped us quickly find the spacing for the mirror hangers.  Since we had never used the painter tape measuring trick we did double check the measurements before we started hammering into the newly installed shiplap walls.

Paint and Decor

Because of the changes to the space it was a perfect time to paint the walls.  Removing the builder grade medicine cabinets required some patching and then painting.  To get the monochromatic look I was after I painted a pretty warm white that looks beautiful with the gorgeous moody shiplap. 

We used Sherwin Williams Thunderous for the gorgeous moody dark grey with a green undertone for the shiplap.  Then Whitetail for the walls, a beautiful warm white that looks beautiful with the shiplap color and the doors and trim color. 

Now that the Jack and Jill bathroom is painted, the mirrors and lighting installed it is was time to finish up the space with beautiful decor.  You will want a gorgeous towel hanger and pretty towels.  These beautiful ones will look so pretty with the modern bathroom.  The final step is adding some beautiful hand towels.  These ones will look amazing this the hanger and shiplap.  

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 Now a beautiful tray with bathroom essentials and pretty decor completes the look the Jack and Jill bathroom makeover.

    bathroom update   Bathroom update

DIY T-Shirts

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These diy t's make doing projects even more fun.  Come see all the sizes and styles available.  

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You're going to love the new arrivals.

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