Nightstand Makeover DIY Before and After

You are going to love this nightstand makeover DIY before and after.  I updated a couple guest bedrooms and donated some furniture that I no longer wanted, mostly because it was too small for the space.  

Do you ever get the creative itch?  Meaning you want to get out the sander and paint and makeover a piece of furniture.  I was definitely feeling like I wanted to find some furniture and give it a facelift.

Finding a New Nightstand

This is a little bit of a crazy story with a great ending.  Because I wanted a project I started by looking at Goodwill but didn't see anything I loved so I went to a new Deseret Industries that just opened up.  I found the perfect nightstand.  It was in great shape and really clean which made me super excited.

We loaded the nightstand up and I came home so excited to do a fun project.  

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Sanding, Sanding and More Sanding

I had a plan so I got busy sanding.  The top of the nightstand was going to be stained so I needed to sand it to the raw wood.  The rest was going to be painted so it just needed to be rough up a little so the paint would adhere better.

My favorite sanding tool is my mouse sander. You can pick one up at Home Depot.  I love it because it fits nicely in my hand and does a beautiful job.  Sanding is so relaxing to me.  I find it magical as the pretty wood appears.  


nightstand sanding

Getting the hard finish and stain off the top took a little muscle but I was able to make it happen.  The raw wood was so pretty.  It's going to look so good.

How to Stain the top of a Nightstand

Let's take another look at the beautiful wood.  Because it's so pretty I wanted to bring out it's natural beauty with stain.  

nightstand sanding

I'm excited to show you my new favorite stain combination.  

stain combo

I have started doing this beautiful stain combination on different projects in my home.  It takes a few minutes because it has three steps but it really looks soft and pretty.

You can grab what you need at Home Depot.

Varathane Pre-stain

Varathane White Wash wood stain 

Varathane Special Walnut wood stain.


I begin by adding the pre-stain.  To get the best results follow the instructions on the can.  After it is dry I added the white wash wood stain.  Then wipe it off with the Scott Blue Shop Towels.  Because it is a small surface I covered the entire area before I begin to wipe it off.  If you are doing a bigger piece you'll have to work in sections.  

Again follow the dry time instructions on the can.  It is then time to apply the special walnut wood stain.  This is where the magic happens. 

nightstand update

Because I added the white wash stain it helps mute and soften the special walnut stain.  After you've applied the special walnut wood stain I wipe it off again and get a beautiful finished surface.

For easy application I use the disposable foam brushes.  That way I can toss them when I am done.  These foam brushes are so useful, I try to keep them on hand because I'm always looking for one when I have a project on the go.  

It's Time to Get Painting

After the top is done and dry you can get busy painting.  Because I just finished the staining I didn't want to add painters tape to the fresh stain.  I also knew I could manage with a bush and not get paint where I didn't want it.

The color I chose was Dover White from Sherwin Williams.  This is the color that all my baseboards and doors are painted.  The color that our contractor used when we purchased our semi custom home.  It wasn't a color that I picked.  If I used a more pure white color it would look very stark next to the already painted doors, trim and baseboards.

To get the nightstand painted I use a brush and foam roller.  The brush for the edges and places the roller wouldn't fit.  Then a foam roller for all the flat surfaces.  The foam roller is quick and easy and will give you a beautiful finish. 

  nightstand makeover

Nightstand Makeover DIY Before and After

Here is the Before and After.  I love the changes and am so in love with this beautiful nightstand.  Don't forget to add beautiful new hardware to get the gorgeous new look.  These are the ones I chose from Home Depot.

My Nightstand Miracle

After I finished this nightstand I decided I wanted to do two more for a different guest bedroom.  I thought the chances of finding a matching pair of nightstands I would love were next to nothing.  But I was up for the challenge and went looking filled with hope.

Nightstand Before and After

Our first stop was Deseret Industries.  This is where the nightstand miracle happens.  There wasn't a matching set but there was the exact same nightstand I had just refinished.  Plus a different one that would work for the first room.  So I moved the one into the other room and refinished it's match.  It was such a great surprise. 

Makeover Before and After

Making over your furniture is a great way to be creative and save money.  Here is another piece of bedroom furniture I've done a makeover on.  I love the new look of the dresser.  

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