Painting a Shiplap Tray Ceiling in the Entry

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entryway update

Paint is magical.  It is the easiest way to change the look of a space.  Check out the difference from painting the walls and shiplap tray ceiling in the entry.  This was one of the most amazing updates I've made in our home that was simply  paint.

Where it Started

Our semi custom home was built with tray ceilings in our entryway.  Something we didn't know we were getting but was a pleasant surprise.  We didn't pay for upgraded paint so that was one of my first tasks when we moved in 7 years ago.  

entryway update

I was so excited to paint the walls a beautiful grey.  After the walls were painted we started adding accents.  One of the first projects was adding shiplap to the tray ceiling with modern crown molding.  Flat molding that looks like our gorgeous 5" baseboards.  I loved everything about this space for a long time but I have reached the point where I'm tired of the grey.  Because it's just paint it doesn't require a lot to change up the look.  

We also added a board and batten accent wall that adds some intrigue and dimension to the space.  

Beautiful Paint Colors

Because we didn't upgrade the paint in our home we had to take the color they chose for our doors and trim.  A color that I haven't minded until I was wanting to paint things a more monochromatic color.  I assumed painting the walls the same color as the doors and trim would give me the look I was after.  It worked until I painted a 1/2 bath with no natural light.  The walls looked so yellow in the windowless room.  Not the color I was after.  The entryway would be the same because there isn't a lot of natural light. That is not the look I wanted so I had to figure something out.  

entryway update

Thankfully I have an amazing paint specialist at our local Home Depot.  I explained what was happening and asked if there was anything they could do to adjust the color just a little so it still matched what I had but took out the yellow.  The paint specialist suggested trying the color next to the color I had on the paint swatch.  

I don't know why I didn't think of that but it was the exact suggestion I needed.

paint swatch

It was such a simple suggestion, I don't know why I didn't think of it but it was exactly what I needed.  Now that I had the perfect monochromatic white color I had been looking for a beautiful 'black' to add accent into our home.

One day while scrolling IG I saw someone painting a shiplap accent wall and sharing the color as a beautiful dark grey with a green undertone.

Green has always been my favorite color so it was the perfect description for a color that I knew I would love.  So I purchased a sample to make sure it looked as good in person as it did online.

The Colors are Found Now Figure Out How to Paint

Now that I had the colors it's time to figure out how to paint the entry.  We have shiplap and modern crown molding on the ceiling and a board and batten wall in the entry.  At first I thought about painting the beautiful grey on the board and batten wall but didn't love the beginning and ending points for the wall with the grey.  

I have seen the dark ceilings and loved the look so it was an easy decision once I thought of it.  Because I was painting the entire entryway I had to figure out the steps to take to get the results I was after and the best way to make it happen.

Starting with the Ceiling

I decided to start with the ceiling so I could tape off the wall below the modern crown.  I knew I didn't want to tape the freshly painted wall so starting with the ceiling was the best because I wouldn't need to tape after it was painted.

When we install shiplap I always paint it before installation, which is much easier than trying to paint the spaces after installation.  Since this is a second project for the entry I had to paint it in place because it was already installed.

Painting the cracks wasn't hard but it was time consuming.  Getting paint into the spaces took time.  Just when you think you've got it all you'll notice another place you missed.  

magic of paint

I was up and down the ladder a hundred times at least.  Starting with the cracks, painting with a good quality bush then rolling it with a good quality roller.  I have created a list of painting supplies needed to get the professional results you can grab this FREE pdf.  It has clickable links for easy shopping. 


After the shiplap was painted I did the modern crown and trays.  Creating a show stopping look that was perfect for our home.

magic of paint

The rolling was a quick process.  After I had it all painted I took some time checking the shiplap spaces making sure there weren't spots I missed.  I used a small craft brush if I found any places that were missing.  It wasn't hard just time consuming, just when I thought I had it all I found another spot.  

shiplap update

Beautiful Monochromatic Walls

My back and neck were pretty tired when I finished the ceiling.  After a good nights sleep I got busy painting the walls.  This was a treat compared to the ceiling.  Not only was it a good idea to paint the ceiling first but sometimes it's nice to get the hardest done first.  

entryway update

I never use tape along the ceiling but I do add painters tape to the baseboards.  If I'm painting the walls the same color as the baseboards it necessary.  I start by cutting along the ceiling, baseboards and corners with a good quality paint brush.  After the cutting is done I start rolling then repeat the process again.  Because I'm painting a white over a light grey it did require 3 coats of paint for good coverage.  

To get the best results I always back roll.  Meaning you run the roller down the wall as you go and finish up.  It gives a beautiful finish. You will love the results of the back rolled walls.

Painting a Shiplap Tray Ceiling Entryway Final Look 

I am a firm believer that paint is magic.  It is the simplest way to update your home.  I love the look of the beautiful modern entryway.  The change was simple to make and the results are stunning.  A look I will enjoy for a few years.

entryway update

A few of my favorite design elements in my entryway is the orb light, gorgeous mirror lamp.  Here is a beautiful orb light, and a large gold round mirror.  I also found this beautiful lamp that would look stunning in your entry.  

This is a beautiful space.  I love the update to this entryway.  Not only is the paint gorgeous the bypass barn doors leading to the office add the look.  You can check out how we built these beautiful barn doors here.