Small Space Laundry Room Hacks

Having a small space laundry room can be challenging, but with a few clever hacks, you can make the most of the available space. Here are some small space laundry room hacks to make the most of the room you have.

Hack 1: Utilize Vertical Space

If you have a small laundry room utilize vertical space.  A great way to make the most of the space you have is by installing shelves or wall-mounted cabinets above your washer and dryer to maximize vertical space. Cabinets keep the space cleaner but shelves can be decorated and not only look pretty but functional with baskets, containers and storage bins. 

small space laundry room

Shelves or cabinets add useful storage.  If you have open shelves using baskets and containers for soaps and detergent creates function and looks pretty.  Creating a space that not only functions but looks nice.  If you have to do the dreaded laundry chore it makes it so much better when you are working in a pretty space.

Adding an additional shelf under the cabinets creates more function in your small space laundry room.  They can serve a dual purpose by decorating it and also cute jars that hold dryer balls and laundry soap. 

If you have cabinets make the most of the space with organizational baskets and containers.  Organizing saves you time and money.  It saves time because you can easily find the items you are looking for.  You will save money by not over purchasing.  It also makes shopping so easy, you can quickly see what you need.

To start pull everything out so you can see what you have.  Then group like items together.  This gives you a great idea about the storage products you'll need.  It also helps you get rid of old product that has been lingering in the back of the cabinet.  Not all items need to go into bins but it does help to contain the smaller items.  These clear plastic storage bins will fit in your cupboards and hold a lot of cleaning supplies,  

Hack 2: Compact Laundry Appliances

Compact laundry appliances are a great way to save space.  If you have a closet or multifunctional space you can purchase compact appliances that can be stacked to take up less space. 

They come in a variety of sizes, so be sure to measure you space so you know it will fit and provide your small space laundry room with the function you need.

This set looks pretty and doesn't take up much space. 


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There are a lot of options when looking for appliances.  Before heading to the store measure the space so you know what will fit.  Don't just measure the length, be sure to measure the depth.  We had a little extra room in length but there wasn't much wiggle room when we looked at the depth of the appliances.  We also needed to be mindful of the height. 

If you have a super tight space they also have this affordable washer / dryer combo.  It is perfect for the out of the box space but will give you the freedom from needing to find a place to do laundry.


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Hack 3: Fold Down Dry Rack 

 When coming up with usable space don't forget about bare walls.  Not all articles of clothing are dryer friendly so having a fold down dry rack doesn't take up any valuable space but also functions. 

Fold down dry rack

If you're building you own you can build it to fit the size of your space.  Our fold down dry rack fits perfectly in the space but functions really well.  When it is open it makes the space tight but when it's not in use it doesn't take up any space in our tight laundry room. 

If you'd like to build a fold down dry rack you can see how we built the one we love in our laundry room.  Check out how we built it here 

If you're not wanting to build your own there are a variety of cute and functional dry racks available.  I loved the look of this one.

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Hack 4: Slide Out Storage Stations

There are a lot of handy slide out storage stations that can fit between your appliances.  In most homes you can never have too much storage.  If you're dealing with a small space optimizing the space you have goes a long way in creating function.  If you need a piece that functions you might as well find one that looks pretty too. 

This slim sliding shelving unit looks really pretty and would add a lot of storage to your small laundry room. You could place it between you washer and dryer or on the end if you have room. 

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Small Space Laundry Hacks

Just because you have a smaller laundry room doesn't mean it can't function and look pretty.  Cabinets, shelves and hanging dry racks use the space well and help it function.  

    small space laundry   functional laundry room

When we built our semi custom home we had the option of a larger laundry room but opted to add an additional pantry.  The door to the pantry is what you see in our laundry room.  That is what I love about DIY projects you can created what works best for you and your family.  It does require some compromising but still having the ability to create a space that functions and works for your family dynamics. 

small space laundry room










This small laundry room was also updated with white shiplap.  It is a great way to add some texture and warmth to the pretty space.  Creating a modern farmhouse look that makes doing laundry not so dreaded.  Here is the blog post sharing how to add shiplap to the laundry room. 

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