Steps to Create a Cozy Bedroom

Here are some steps to create a cozy and relaxing bedroom.  Several elements that can help enhance comfort, warmth, and relaxation.  

Step 1 Declutter

One of the easiest ways to create a cozy, warm and relaxing space is by decluttering. Clear surfaces and create a sense of space and tidiness.  Organize your belongings in storage solutions, such as baskets or bins.  

If you have a harder time letting go be intentional about your the items you choose to keep.  Take a little time to intentionally keep or let an item go.  

Baskets are a great way to keep the space more organized.  My nightstands are not only stylish but they have great storage.  There is a drawer but a pretty basket adds texture and additional storage to the space. 

This woven basket would be a perfect addition to a nightstand.  The perfect addition of function and storage. 

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 You can see the update to our main bedroom nightstands here.  

Step 2 Choose a Soothing Color

An important step to creating a cozy bedroom is painting the space in a soothing color.  The color doesn't have to be neutral or light.  We are all unique and have different color preferences. 

Take some time to get samples so you can see how they work in the space.  Paint is the easiest and an inexpensive way to change the look in your home.  When you're ready for a change you can made the update.


paint colors

Here are the Sherwin Williams paint colors suggested by their professionals to create a relaxed retreat or secluded haven.  

Step 3 Comfortable Bedding and Window Treatments

Pretty and comfy bedding creates a relaxing retreat.  A space that not only looks pretty but a space where you can relax at the end of a long tiring day. 

The options are endless when it comes to bedding.  Find bedding that looks pretty but also keeps you warm in the winter or cool in the summer. 

If you're needing new bedding check out the pretty sets I found here, here and here.  

When it comes to window treatments you need to decide their purpose.  Do you need privacy and darkness?  Or as a decorative feature.  Our home doesn't require privacy in our bedroom and I love the natural light.  No blackout curtains for us but adding decorative curtains adds warmth and texture to the room.  

      home update   window treatment

Adding decorative curtains to the large windows but keeping the smaller windows uncovered gives the perfect amount of texture. 

Step 4 Personal Touches and Decor

A key to creating a calm cozy and welcoming bedroom is adding personal touches.  I love adding personal touches with family photos.  Whether it's large pictures hanging on the wall or smaller vintage pics of my ancestors.  

A beautiful space that reflects your style, creating a relaxing room where you end your day.  You can be creative with picture frames.  These beautiful frames are a good size with a gorgeous mat.  They could create a beautiful gallery wall. 

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Remember to Create Something You Love

The key to creating a beautiful cozy bedroom is creating something you love and is comfortable.  A warm and welcoming space that you can relax and rejuvenate in at the end of the day. You will wake up ready to rock the next day.  

If you declutter, paint soothing colors, comfortable bedding and pretty window treatments then personalize the space you will have a cozy and relaxing bedroom.  

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