Unique Beadboard Accent Wall Ideas for Your Bedroom

I don't know if accent walls are going out of style or not but I still love them.  Let me clarify, I love some of them and love the ability to add texture and depth to your home.  Here are some unique beadboard accent wall ideas for your bedroom.  Our home had a niche that needed a little updating so bead board to the rescue.  

We've used beadboard in a variety of spaces in our home like on ceilings, niches, backsplash and accent wall.  Adding a beadboard accent wall can serve a couple purposes.  Not only does it add intrigue it also eliminates the need for a head board.  You will have a space that is unique and beautiful plus it adds depth and texture.  

Creating a Half Wall

The options are endless with beadboard.  You can get so creative with your design.  This option of creating a half wall with a beautiful trim are a fun way to add beauty to your home

I love this one.  It would look beautiful in your bedroom, nursery or kitchen.  The color options are endless.  It could be painted darker for a beautiful moody space that adds depth or coordinate the wall color for a monochromatic for openness. 

You could also add depth and texture to a bathroom with beadboard.  I love the thin slatted beadboard paneling you buy at Home Depot it comes in 4 x 8 sheets giving you lots of options and a quick install.   Check out what Home Depot has available Here.  

Unique Beadbord Backsplash

A quick, easy and inexpensive way to add intrigue to your kitchen, add a  beadboard backsplash.  

The best part is how easy it is to install, keep clean plus incredibly inexpensive.  If it becomes too dirty you can always wipe it clean.  If it's too dinged and stained you can use Mr. Clean magic eraser (affiliated link) and then repaint if needed. It is also easy to change up the look of the bead board backsplash with paint color.  Making it versatile and unique.  Check out this beadboard backsplash here.  It is relatively easy to install so a great project for beginners.

Headboard Accent Wall

One of my favorite beadboard projects we have done is our primary bedroom headboard. My beautiful multi directional accent wall also serves as my headboard in the main bedroom.  I of course got the idea from Pinterest but made it my own.  Finding inspiration from Pinterest is my go too but it's usually the start of my own creations.  It's a lot easier to convince my husband and show him what I'd like to do if I have a picture instead of me trying to explain what's rolling around in my head.  

To make this feature more amazing and special we turned the beadboard different directions.  It is a unique and beautiful anchor to our primary bedroom.  Our main bedroom is large so having a beautiful anchor makes it not so expansive.  Creating a homy intimate space.  

bead board

It also creates a beautiful place for decor.  Decor that can be changed and updated for the season or as the mood strikes.  I think it would also look amazing in a dark moody color.  I love dark moody spaces but I wanted this room to be light and bright so the white accent works perfectly in our primary bedroom.

beadboard accent wall

Options are Endless

The options are endless.  You can create a unique beadboard accent wall for your primary bedroom.  I love the look of this beautiful space.  

You can design a room with a full beadboard wall installation or something a little more like what we've created.  Our wall is large and has two accent windows, so a full beadboard wall would have been too much for me.  That is the best part about do it yourself projects.  You can adjust the designs to work best with your space.  Sometimes less is more but don't be afraid to create something unique that will fit your needs and style.  

More Beadboard Inspirations

Beadboard on a wall or in a niche is nice but we've also added it to the ceiling in our half bathroom.  The space was small and adding texture to the ceiling created intrigue and beauty that I love.  The install was a little tricky because we had two ladders in a tight space but I love the results of the beautiful beadboard ceiling. Check it out Here.  It added gorgeous texture to the small space and beautiful intrigue.  

A Final Idea for Beadboard

Another unique way to add depth and prettiness to a space was in our guest bathroom.  Since it is a guest bathroom and we didn't need the additional hidden storage of a medicine cabinet we removed it and made it a pretty show piece with beadboard. 

There is still function to the space but with open shelving.  Updating the recessed medicine cabinet was one of my favorite things we've done in our home.  It was also free because we used materials we had on hand.  That is a huge win win.  check it out Here.  

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