Vintage Window Frame Ideas

I love finding beautiful vintage pieces that can be used in my home.  One of my favorite is vintage window frames.  There are so many ways they can be used.  Here are just a few vintage window frame ideas.  There are so many ways to style and display them.  

Finding the Frames

My trick to finding beautiful frames is, looking all the time.  That doesn't mean I'm visiting thrift shops or antique malls every day but when ever I am in the mood for a little thrifting therapy I alway have my eyes peeled for beautiful window frames.

My favorite antique shop is called Merchant Square.  If you're ever in Chandler AZ you will want to stop in.  

The Perfect Frame

Some of the frames I've found were perfect just the way they were.  I love it when they are old, barely handing on and beautifully rustic with chippy paint.  I've even found some in an old barn with no paint at all but beautiful vintage.

window panes

window pane

Sadly I have even bought one that was painted a horrible pink.  I loved the size and shape and had been looking for a long time for an old window frame.  So I grabbed it.  It did take a lot of work trying to get the pink off.  

window pane

window frame

Getting the paint off this piece was tricky.  I couldn't get the pink out of the grooves so I touched it up with paint.  Leaving the worn and weathered look but not having a bunch of pink.  

Half of the fun is the hunt trying to find the perfect piece.

Finding the Perfect Frame

It always feels like winning the lottery when I find the perfect frame.  They aren't always easy to find and sometime the price is way more than I am willing to spend.  But when all the stars align and I find a beautiful frame for a great price it's pretty exciting.

If you find a frame that is too beautiful to pass up but don't have a specific place for it I would grab it anyway.  If I didn't I would get home, think about it and instantly know the perfect place for it.  Then I'd go back to buy it and it would be gone.  Leaving me sorry I passed it by.

window frame

I found this gorgeous window frame at a cute boutique popup event.  I didn't know for sure where I was going to put it but I loved the chippy paint and latch on the window frame.  Check out how I made over this dresser Here.  The perfect anchor for the gorgeous window frame. 

When I'm looking for a specific piece for a special spot I get the frame when I find it, even if it's an ugly pink.  I wouldn't have purchased the ugly pink one if I didn't have a place for it because I knew it was going to be a lot of work. 

Vintage Window Frame Ideas for Home Decor

I love love love using old window frames in my decorating.  They are beautiful layering pieces.  Layering is a beautiful way to add depth and texture to your home.  

My all time favorite window frame I found at my favorite antique store.  I went there looking for a vintage window frame.  I don't always find something when I am looking for a specific piece but I got lucky on this visit.  The antique store is large and has a lot of vendors, they also have an outside section.  That section isn't styled like the inside vendors.  It's stuff stacked and piled.  There wasn't anything I liked inside but the outside section hidden behind other wood and stuff they had a the perfect large window pane that I loved.

The best part, it was perfect in its condition, minus the dust and cob webs.  

window frame

How to Display Window Frames

Using window frames as a decor pieces are my favorite.  They add depth and texture to the room.  

My beautiful frame above my bed is placed behind a metal ring with dried eucalyptus and an old picture frame.

When I found the old barn window frames I knew they would be beautiful above my kitchen cupboards.

window frame

window frame

Using Window Frame Outside

The ugly pink window frame was the perfect piece for my outside decorating.  I sanded and painted it and hung it on the wall outside.  It is in a covered courtyard so it's not in the weather. 

I love to add seasonal decorating to the window frame. 

window frame

It made this boring wall a little less boring and gives me so much creative avenues. 

window frame

Enjoy Finding and Displaying Window Frames

Having beautiful window frames in your home creates beautiful conversation pieces.  They are loved by all.  I like to imagine where they came from and the story behind the window frame.

They are so beautiful with this worn and chippy look.

Decor to the Door

To add layers to your beautiful window frames check out the gorgeous decor available at Decor to the Door.  There are so many pieces you could style in front of your vintage window frame.