About Us

Creating a beautiful home is important to me.  I am addicted to DIY projects.  Improving the look of my home is one of my favorite pastimes.   I have yet to run out of ideas to improve my home.  Some of the projects we do are big and others are quick adjustments like peel and stick wallpaper or home decor crafts.  I love them all.  Another one of my passions is beautiful decor.  I love decorating for each season, making my home unique and special.  Whether it's fully decorated for Christmas or adding hints of red, white and blue for the 4th of July they make me happy.  

Decor to the Door was created to help busy women who love home decor but don't love driving all over town looking for cute, unique pieces.   I know how busy life is.  Whether it's taking care of kiddos or working in or outside of the home our time is precious.  I want to help you save time and still have the beautifully decorated home you want. 

Whether you want everyday decor that looks amazing together or pretty enough to be on its own, or you love holiday decorating.  I put together beautiful pieces that you will love to display in your home.  They are also make a beautiful gift for you mom, sister, friend or children's teacher.  You will have something unique and special to give.  

Decor to the Door was create for you, by me. Someone who loves home decor as much as you do. 

My husband and I also love home DIY projects which I will be sharing on our blog.  They are the way we personalize our home.  It reflects the things we love and creates a welcome space for family and friends.