About Us

Creating a beautiful home is important to me.  I am addicted to DIY projects.  Improving the look of my home is one of my favorite pastimes.   I have yet to run out of ideas to update my home.  Some of the projects we do are big and others are quick adjustments like peel and stick wallpaper or home decor crafts.  I love them all. 

DIY projects can be messy business so I decided to create a line of t-shirts that are perfect for those creative days.  Whether you're cutting wood, painting or crafting a cute shirt is exactly what you need.  Not only does it look amazing but they are so comfortable and will help you feel ready for whatever the project throws your way.  

Decor to the Door was created to help those who love home DIY projects but don't love ruining their clothes.  If you're like me you are always getting paint, stain, caulk, and saw dust on myself.   

Whether you are running to Home Depot or in the middle of a messy home project these t-shirts are exactly what you need.  Something cute, inspiring and fun to wear.  They are comfortable and makes projects even more fun.  

Decor to the Door was created with you in mind. Someone who loves making their house a home. 

I love sharing my DIY projects on our Decor to the Door blog.  Showing you the way we personalize our home.  It reflects the things we love and creates a welcome space for family and friends.